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National Honor Society Holds Trivia Bowl as Fundraiser

By Elizabeth Landingham
National Honor Society Sponsor On Thursday, November 15, 2012, Grenada High School’s Academic Team and National Honor Society hosted the first annual intra-school academic competition. Students representing grades 9-12 formed teams and competed for the honor of being the quickest grade to answer questions correctly. Questions covered topics of academic interest to pop culture to questions about the high school and its faculty. Academic questions included questions about history, math, government, chemistry, trigonometry. Pop culture questions included questions about Dora the Explorer, The Waltons, The Cosby Show, Barney, and Rebecca Black. Questions about high school faculty included questions about Mrs. Barfield’s famous saying, the content of Mr. Freelon’s discipline referrals, and Mr. Williams’ first name.
Participants for the ninth grade included Sloane Reid, Allyn Flautt, Kristin Thomas, Dylan Teas, A.J. Forrest, and Jalexus Richardson. Freshmen were coached by Cooper Chavis and Will Allen.
Sophomore participants included Claire Sanford, Matthew Murphy, Chelsea Wright, Allie Miller, Dakota Young, and Johnathan Whalley. They were coached by Brandon Williams and Reiv Woods.
Juniors included Sarah-Kate Griffin, Mitchell Sones, John Austin Cook, Paras Sukho, Paige Porter, and Sharnell Bowdry. They were coached by Chance Davis and Deane Tilley.
Senior participants were Courtney Simmons, Alexandra Brasher, Kjirsten Whitsell, Jamie Fortier, Devin Frost, and Tanner Aldridge. Senior coaches were
Stuart Shaw and Payne Horan.
Dhruvin Patel, a senior, was responsible for creating this fundraiser to benefit both the Academic team and National Honor Society. He also served as timekeeper for the competition. Jarvis Benson was the announcer. Sound was managed by Taylor Vance. Kaitlyn Junkin and Jacob Simmons were the moderators, and scorekeepers were Kayleen Fly and Kasia Hayes.
In the opening round, the freshmen beat the sophomores in an elimination round. The second round had the juniors competing with the seniors, with the seniors handily defeating the juniors. In the final student round, the seniors narrowly beat the freshmen. The seniors then competed in a final round against the teachers, Mrs. Wagner, Mr. Freelon, Mrs. Hopper, and Coach Cockerell with the teachers defeating the seniors. While the teachers won bragging rights and trophies, seniors were treated to rewards from the concession stand for their hard work.
Trivia Bowl