GSD Procedure for Bus Changes

Often parents find it necessary to change a student’s placement from one bus to another. A specific process is in place that is required to implement this change. Bus changes will not be accepted by phone. The process requires the following:

1. Parents must send the appropriate information to the students’ teacher or take the info directly to the Transportation Department at 1823 Fairground Road. Information must include:
-Name of student
-Parent contact information
- Address of student destination
-Contact info at student destination
-Dates of change (If a change applies for the entire year, one notice will suffice. However, if the change is temporary, a note must be sent for each day.)

2. Teachers will send the note to the school office to have the change logged on the bus change form.

3. The student will receive the yellow bus change form to present to the driver upon boarding the school bus.

Questions or info? email Benji Britt
Benji Britt
Transportation Director