GSD Studies School Traffic

Campus traffic congestion is being studied at all schools, with preliminary input from parents,
community members, and officials being gathered. A problem-solving committee for the elementary schools’ campus has already been established. A traffic-control task force at GMS/GHS is being organized, but the committee has not been formally designated at the time of this printing. More GMS/GHS input will be requested from the community at an upcoming date. Several parents have already provided helpful analytical data.

According to Superintendent of Schools Dr. David Daigneault, a great deal of study has been done at each location. At this point, the best solution for GES/GUES has been determined to be the addition of another point of entry to the campus. He states, “We have studied the problem at the elementary schools and have determined that we need an alternate access road to connect
Grenada Upper Elementary School with Highway 8. The road would have a two-fold purpose. It would serve as an emergency exit for both schools and alleviate the traffic congestion at the intersection of Pender Drive and Highway 8.”
To consider options for the elementary congestion, including the most cost-effective and efficient route, community input is being sought by the GES/GUES committee. Dr. Daigneault states, “We are looking for ways to implement the project as cost effectively as possible.” Individuals with viable suggestions should contact any of the elementary school principals: Dr. Vivian Simmons (226-8900), Mr.Raleigh Woods (226-2584), or Loren Harris (226-2818).
The staff and administration of GSD are planning and organizing these initiatives and wish to solve these traffic congestion problems as soon as possible. We thank parents and community members in advance for their input and suggestions.