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State Accountability System

By Tim Wilder
Administrative Assistant Grenada School District has excelled at achieving the growth and student performance necessary to achieve “Successful” status under the State Accountability System.
The accountability model was used for the first time in 2009 to assign performance status to individual schools and districts. Grenada School District has been assigned a “Successful” status and has met student growth requirements each year since the new accountability model was implemented.

The Mississippi Department of Education, acting through the Commission on School Accreditation, is required to establish and implement a process of accountability at the individual school level and district level. Individual schools and districts are held accountable for student growth and performance and receive an annual School Performance Classification and a District Performance Classification. Accountability status is based on absolute performance on state tests (achievement), improvement (growth), and graduation rate. The accountability model sets individual school and district status using seven different labels. The top performing schools and districts receive a status of Star School, followed by High Performing, Successful, Academic Watch, Low Performing, At-Risk, with the lowest performing schools receiving a status of Failing.

The performance status of schools and districts is set by the Quality of Distribution Index, an evaluation based upon student performance on state tests. Also, beginning in 2009, student growth became an integral component of our state accountability model. The model rewards student improvement (growth) by improving the school or district’s performance status if adequate student growth was demonstrated on the state test. If students scored in the successful range on the model, but also met the growth component, the school’s status would move from Successful to High Performing.

An additional component of the accountability model is the High School Completion Index/Graduation Rate. This component of the model applys to those schools with a 12th grade. In order for a high school to be labeled a Star School, the graduation rate must be at least eighty percent (80%).

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