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Arrive Alive Program Presented At GHS By Junior Auxiliary

The Grenada Junior Auxiliary recently presented a program called “Arrive Alive, Don’t Text and Drive.” The program was presented by UNITE International, the number one health and wellness organization in the nation. The Junior Auxiliary of Grenada’s goal is to make a difference in the texting behavior of our youth through an educational process defining the dangers of texting while driving.
Students began the experience by first watching a video about the dangers of driving while distracted, and then they were introduced to the virtual reality simulator. Using a real car with sensors connected to the steering wheel, gas pedal and brake linked to the mainframe computer running the simulation, the students experienced driving and texting without being in real danger. Simutaneously, the students on the outside of the car were able to view the driver’s viewpoint on a 32” LED monitor. As each student took their turn at driving they were sent a text message in which they were asked to reply. At the end of each simulation the driver was given a citation listing the violations they had commited. There was not a single student or adult who was able to complete the simulation without a violation. Violations ranged from crossing into on coming traffic to vehicular manslaughter.

After finishing the driving part of the program students were asked to sign a pledge to agree to “Arrive Alive, Don’t Text and Drive.” Each student was given a thumb ring to remind them not to text and drive and a pamplet with information about the dangers of texting and driving. The program impacted 600 high school students in Grenada County. Grenada’s Junior Auxiliary would like to thank the Grenada School District, Principal, Assistant Principal, parents, and all of our sponsors for helping to make an impact on our youth.

Simulator of texting in car