Script for Kidzeum "Go, Mississippi Exhibit"

BETH MUSELWHITE (Grenada Elementary Kidzeum Director): We developed "Go Mississippi!" – this exhibit – for the Kidzeum for children to learn all about our state of Mississippi. "Welcome! Here we go!"

Mississippi is actually going to be turning 200 in December 2017, so boys and girls have learned the state song, all the state symbols, and the different regions of our state.

…S-I-P-P-I. Good job! Why don't we do that one more time?"

So the first visit for "Go Mississippi!" talks about the different regions of our state. We have a Delta region, where the children learn about two major row crops in Mississippi – cotton and soybeans – and what they're used for. We have the Hills Region, which we have a dig and the children become junior archaeologists and dig in an Indian mound in the Kidzeum to find out what kind of artifacts might be found in an Indian mound in Mississippi. Then we go through our Capitol River Region and learn all about the state symbols. And then we come to the Pines Region, and the children learn about animals found in Mississippi as well as the different types of trees. We also have our Coastal Region, and the children find out how boating safety is so important from Stuffee, our mascot from the Kidzeum, and they measure the catch of the day.

It's not the catfish, okay? If you're thinking catfish, that's not it."

"Something large." "Yes! Largemouth bass."

We have two visits, actually, for "Go Mississippi!" exhibit. For the second visit we had our dairy farm, which we focused on dairy farms in Mississippi. Farm Bureau actually helped us by loaning us two of their cows for the children to learn how to milk cows. "This one's stubb-ren." We have also opened up our Kidzeum grocery so the children can shop for different things that are grown or raised in Mississippi. Children don't realize what Mississippi has to offer. They don't realize how many crops are grown in Mississippi, and they don't know the sights or sounds even of Mississippi. The Blues came from the Mississippi Delta, even rock and roll with Elvis Presley being the King of rock and roll. "I've got a friend right here. Raise your hand if you know this friend's name." "Yes sir." And we even gave the children a taste of Mississippi, thanks to Sweet Potato Sweets in Vardaman, Mississippi. The children were able to taste sweet potato fudge, which, of course, sweet potatoes are grown right here in Mississippi.

KID: "I love this stuff!"

CHILDREN SINGING: "Go, Mississippi, keep rolling along," "Go, Mississippi, you cannot go wrong," "Go, Mississippi, we're singing your song," "M-I-S-S-I-S-S-I-P-P-I!" "Go, Mississippi!"

Thanks to Kidzeum Director Beth Muselwhite and her assistants, Brittany Flanders & Takesha Tillmon.