Script GMS

What is unique about Grenada Middle School? Where should I start? When you walk in and see the Walls That Teach, that's something you don't see everywhere. So that grabs your attention when you walk in the door. But the thing I love about it is, it's a family atmosphere. The teachers work very well together. That translates to the students, which translates to the parents.

One thing at Grenada Middle School that I am particularly proud of is how hard our teachers work here, and how hard they work together.

We don't do a lot of sitting in desks in my room. We go old school with it. We get in the floor, we sit in a circle, we take turns reading. We're all right there together, up close and personal. I believe that all students are learners. Not all of them learn the same way, so they need a variety of experiences, learning experiences. Not all of them have the same background. Not all of them have the same knowledge when they come to me. So I try to make sure that I meet the student where they are and allow them to grow from there.

Students have a wide variety of extracurricular activities to which they can participate so as to develop the well-rounded student.

There are so many opportunities for students here. Once they hit 6th grade, band opens up for them.

The history of our high school program adds an enormous value to our recruiting and retention potential. It's an important role that we have, and we tell the students that ... that they have to view themselves not as the kiddie band or anything like that but as: you are the potential members, you are the future so therefore you matter more than anything else in the world. And that's what we put our greatest efforts into.

We have choir. We have a music group ... the Entertainers start in 6th grade. We offer art. We have LEAP. Then in 7th grade your athletics begin, which opens up cheer for basketball, cheer for football. Boys and girls basketball, boys and girls track, boys and girls soccer, boys and girls powerlifting, boys and girls baseball, tennis, golf.... It just goes on and on and on, and obviously football is one them as well.

If there's a big picture of extracurricular activity beyond the physicality of it and the health, it would be to promote the importance of teamwork. And our district offers that to a large degree.

The school and the district as a whole, we have a shared vision. You know, just like our motto is, "Education, training and dreams," we have a shared vision that is brought out with all of the schools, not just at the middle school.

They're in a different place in their life. I tell people all the time, they're really hung up between a child and an adult. They're just hung up right in the middle, and some days they want to be the child, and some days they want to be the adult. So what you have to do at the middle school is find that happy medium with them, develop relationships with the kids individually, and really figure out what makes each one of them tick.

You have to approach them correctly. And the only way to approach them correctly is to know them. And so as we get to know them, we're able to talk to them and understand what's going on in their lives, which helps with discipline.

Our goal here is just to offer them an opportunity to be responsible. Offer them an opportunity to get prepared academically. And just be as hard on them academically as we can. Education within our district is not just for a year. It's for the K through 12 child. And how we make those connections from one school to another is just as important.

Well, I mean my children attend school here. And my daughter has actually been to more than one school. And I would say that this school has everything that I could imagine for her.

I will say that I have a child in the 2nd grade, and he's gone to Grenada School District since kindergarten. And he's not scared to come up with stuff on his own. It's just amazing what he knows in the 2nd grade. It excites me for our future and what those students will know once they get to me.