Script for Video-Baby Chicks at Grenada Elementary's Discovery Lab

Banjo strum, rooster crowing NARRATOR: Today we're visiting Grenada Upper Elementary School's award-winning Discovery Lab, where students perform hands-on experiments in math and science class. Miss Taylor Buchanan runs the lab, and she recently showed students how chicken eggs are incubated and hatched. The chicks are extremely popular among the kids.

MISS BUCHANAN: Okay, so I wanted to show the children the life cycle of the chicken, And we've also covered different parts of the chicken and when you go to KFC where the breast is, where the drumstick is.

"Aw, they're so cute…"

MAWRESE: Well, at first, we had them in the incubator, and them we had them in there for 21 days and now they're all about two weeks old. But some are still in the incubator. But these are just the chick chicks, but the others are still in the incubator trying to hatch.

"This one's a little bit crazy right here." I've learned that…the father has to be in the…coop… …so the eggs will hatch. Before the eggs hatch, I learned that the mother has to sit on the eggs to keep them warm. This is the incubator where we've been hatching them for 21 days and some…and like I said earlier, some of them in there are two weeks old and these ones haven't hatched yet.

A lot of children don't understand that the eggs we get from the grocery store are not the same as the eggs that we hatch baby chicks from. The eggs we get from the grocery store are totally unfertilized, no roosters around, and I wanted the kids to be able to connect that there must be a rooster and a hen in the same pen in order to produce babies.

NARRATOR: Miss Buchanan said the chicks will be taken to a local farm, where they'll be raised for…well, that's a lesson for another day.

Thanks for visiting, Grenada Upper Elementary's Discovery Lab!