Script for Video-Young Readers Week at Grenada Elementary

YOUNG READERS WEEK Grenada Elementary Style
KATIE HOOD (GES K-3 Librarian): This is National Young Readers Week, and Mr. Wood challenged our students to read 2,000 books. The kindergarten and first grade students and the Pre-K had to read thousand books, and the second and third graders had to read a thousand books. But they ended up reading over 5,800 books in six school days. Their reward for meeting their goal was to see Mr. Wood and his friends eat lunch on the roof. You saw Dr. Daigneault, our superintendent; Raleigh Wood, our principal; Dawn Walls and Reginald Herrington, our assistant principals; and also Lyle Williams.

RALEIGH WOOD (GES K-3 Principal): We're very proud of our group today. They read almost 6,000 books, and they far exceeded what we asked them to do. We've got a great school and school district, and we are very proud of our school.

DR. DAVID DAIGNEAULT (Grenada Schools Superintendent): We are very proud of the kids. This is National Young Person's Reading Week, and so we're especially excited that we can do something to support this. And also, more meaningful, is the opportunity for our kids to learn more about reading.