Drumfit at Grenada Elementary


(GES Fourth Grader)
It's pretty fun cause you can listen to your favorite songs and, like, you get to burn energy instead of, like doing workouts all day.


(GES Fourth Grader)
It's like really fun and it's like where we don't have to do exercises and it like gets our energy up.


(GES, 4th-5th Grade P.E. Instructor)
It's a fast-pace fitness program that deals with a music, rhythm, dance and core curriculum learning skills. The kids, they're doing workouts with the body, the legs, the arms, the cardio. They get into the stability, the locomotion, coordination awareness, and body awareness, so they get into it so they don't really even know they're doing fitness stuff.


(GES, 4th-5th Grade Principal)
We decided last year to write a grant from the Blue Cross Blue Shield Foundation of Mississippi. They awarded us the title of "The Healthiest School in Mississippi" and awarded us fifty thousand dollars, and we were so excited to get that. I immediately thought of the Drumfit program. Drumfit is very interesting. It provides 20 minutes of continuous cardiovascular activity in each lesson. It is individualized for the child so it's very much like academics. We always love to individualize for each student. One thing that I learned from my research is that improved physical fitness goes a long way to improve student achievement. It also goes a long way in keeping students at school. There's not as much illness and there's less disciplinary action, so for administrators that's just that's very important.


(GES Fourth Grader)
The fun part is…about it is, you jump around.


It's cardio and, I guess you would say, music-related together. I mean, they absolutely love it, but you know you stay with the upbeats songs, they want more, all they want is more. They want do it again, they want do it again. I've heard the same song 15 times.