Script for Video-Grandparents Day at Grenada Elementary School

BETH MUSELWHITE (Kidzeum Director)

Grandparents Day at Grenada Elementary School was a huge success. Grandparents came all around. And as they came in to Grenada Elementary School, the children came and found their grandparent and then went to the book fair that was set up. They could shop early for Christmas presents, and they came on over to the Kidzeum for their tour. The children had been told that they would be the tour guides for our exhibit, which was Christmas in Australia.

When the children came in they were greeted at the door by myself, and they might have been told, "G'day mate!" Or something like that because of our exhibit. And then they were greeted by Dr. Daigneault and Mr. Wood.

When they entered they got a cookie, which is known as a "biscuit" in Australia. So a small holiday treat for the grandparents and the children, and the children toured the grandparents around. This gave them a chance to show everything that they had learned about this exhibit in the Kidzeum.

They enjoyed entertainment from Mr. Mo Hubbard. He played Christmas music during the tour.

But there were so many more grandparents that came out this time, and it was just a huge, a huge number of grandparents. And we had a great time and they did too.