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A.  This organization shall be structured as a non-profit organization and shall be known and referred to as the Grenada High School NNDCC/NJROTC Booster Club.


A.  The purpose of the Grenada High School NNDCC/NJROTC Booster Club is to promote and support the NJROTC program at Grenada High School through fund raising activities, extra-curricular activities support, educational support, and other assistance that may be requested by the Naval Science Instructors or Administrative Staff.


A.  Membership in the Grenada High School NJROTC Booster Club is open to all residents of the Grenada School District with rights and privileges as follows:

            1.  Parents/Guardians of cadets active in the NNDCC/NJROTC program shall be entitled to charter membership, active upon registration as a GHS NNDCC/NJROTC Booster Club Member.
            2.  All alumni of the GHS NJROTC program shall be considered to be Associate Members.
            3.  Parents/Guardians of cadets previously active in the NJROTC program may remain or be reinstated as charter members upon their request, and with the concurrence of the current membership.
            4.  Adult residents and employees of the Grenada School District are entitled to Associate Membership, active upon registration as a GHS NNDCC/NJROTC Booster Club Member.
            5.  Other interested parties may request Associate Membership by submitting a written request to the Executive Board.  The Board will review the request and present it, along with their recommendation, to the general membership for disposition.

B.  Rights and privileges of membership:

            1.  Charter membership

                        a. Eligible to hold elected office, and may be appointed to elected office should it become vacant.
                        b. Eligible to serve as a committee chair, or may be a member of a committee.
                        c. Charter members are voting members, with one vote per member.
            2.  Associate membership

                        a. Not eligible to hold office.
                        b. Are eligible to serve as a committee chair, and may be a member of a committee.
                        c. Are voting members, with one vote per member.


NOTE:  Executive Committee will be comprised of President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer.

A.  Elected Officers

            1.  President

                        a. Shall chair all general and executive committee meetings, in accordance with established rules of order. (Roberts Rules of Order)
                        b. Shall vote in the event of a tie.
                        c. Shall be the official spokesperson for the GHS NNDCC/NJROTC Booster Club.

            2.  Vice President

                        a. Shall assume the duties of the President in the event of his/her absence, or is unable to perform the duties of office.
                        b. May ascend to the office of President should that office be vacated.

            3.  Secretary

                        a. Record the minutes of all general and executive committee meetings.
                        b. Prepare and present minutes at next scheduled meetings.
                        c. Prepare copies of all minutes for mailing/emailing when requested.
                        d. Prepare all club correspondence for mailing.
                        e. Shall be the point of contact for all local media – prepare and distribute all press releases subject to the approval of the executive committee.

            4.  Treasurer

                        a. Maintain all financial records of the GHS NNDCC/NJROTC Booster Club.
                        b. Present a detailed financial report at all meetings when requested.
                        c. Issue and receive funds as provided for by the membership.
                        d. Point of contact for rules compliance, regulations and laws governing the non-profit status of BEHS NJROTC Booster Club.

            5.  Committee Chairperson (activated when the situation warrants)

                        a. Shall be a volunteer and be appointed by the executive committee.
                        b. Shall organize and oversee the operation of their designated committee.
                        c. Provide status/report of their activities when requested.

            6.  Committee Member (when activated)

                        a. Shall be a volunteer and assist the committee chair in the accomplishment of the activity of the committee.

B.  Election of Officers

            1.  Elections will normally be held at the May general membership meeting.

            2.  Elections will be conducted as follows:

                        a. The requirements and responsibilities for office will be presented.
                        b. Nominations from the floor will be accepted.
                        c. The person nominated will accept or decline nomination.
                        d. Nomination of one person will be confirmed with a voice vote; when more than one person is nominated, a secret ballot will be taken with the winner receiving a simple majority.
                        e. Results of all elections will be entered into the official minutes.

C.  Installment of Officers

            1.  Outgoing and incumbent officers shall audit all records in their area of responsibility, and once the audit is completed a written report will be presented to the executive committee for inclusion in the minutes at the next executive or general membership meeting.

            2.  A complete financial audit will be performed annually by the treasurer, and one representative of the general membership.

D.  Terms of Office

            1.  Elected members will hold their respective office from June 1st through May 31st.
            2.  Members appointed to office shall serve from the time appointed to May 31st.

E.  Vacancy of Office

            1.  An elected officer desiring to abdicate their office will inform the executive committee at an executive committee meeting or a general membership meeting.

            2.  An interim officer will be appointed by the executive committee, and may be approved for permanent appointment by majority vote at the next general membership meeting.

            3.  Nominations may be taken from the floor, and an election held, with the winner receiving the majority votes.

F.  Removal from Office

            1.  Officers may be removed from office with a 2/3 majority vote of voting members present at a general membership meeting.  This procedure must not be taken lightly.  An official motion must be made, with a second, prior to taking the vote.

            2.  An officer who is the subject of the vote will not be considered a voting member for that particular vote.

            3.  If the officer subject to a removal vote happens to be the President, the Vice President will chair the portion of the meeting pertaining to debate and resolution.

           4. The NSI will be notified in advance of any said voting as he/she may objections to this change.


A.  General Meetings

            1.  Frequency – General meetings will be held monthly (unless specifically changed), at a time and place selected by the President, and with a minimum of two weeks notice to the membership.

            2.  Validation – A quorum shall consist of 2/3 of all elected officers, and a minimum of two charter or associate members.

            3.  Location – The general membership meetings will be held in the NJROTC classroom of BEHS, or other designated location as chosen by the president.

            4.  Notification – All GHS NNDCC/NJROTC Booster Club members may be notified by email, telephone, or newsletter.

B.  Executive Committee Meetings

            1.  Executive Committee Meetings will be held as the situation requires, at the request of two or more executive committee members, or at the request of the President.

C.  Committee Meetings

            1.  Meetings will be held at sufficient frequency to satisfy all requirements of the situation and/or program being supported.

            2.  The chairperson will notify committee members as to time and location of meetings.


A.  The treasurer is responsible for maintaining all financial records of the GHS NNDCC/NJROTC Booster Club.

B.  A bank account will be maintained for the purposes of handling finances relative to expenses and program assistance of the GHS NNDCC/NJROTC.

C.  Checks will be signed as directed by the Executive Committee by two (2) elected officers, or by one elected officer and the Senior Naval Science Instructor (SNSI) or Naval Science Instructor (NSI). 

D.  The fiscal year will begin on June 1st, and end on May 31st, in conjunction with the terms of office for elected officers.

E.  All funds raised by the GHS NNDCC/NJROTC Booster Club will be used as approved by the general membership during ratification of the annual budget. 

F.  The annual budget will be prepared by the executive committee, and will be approved by the general membership during the May general meeting.


A.  Bylaws will be reviewed annually at the May general meeting subject to the following procedures.

            1.  All proposed amendments to the bylaws will be submitted to the general membership for consideration in writing.

            2.  Proposed amendments will be presented and debated at the general meeting prior to a vote for amendment.

            3.  A 2/3 majority vote of members present is required to amend the bylaws.


Presented to the general meeting:                            DATE ____________

Accepted as amended by a vote of ___ yes ___ no    DATE ____________

Ratification results certified by:               _______________________________

Ratification results witnessed and entered into minutes:    ____________________________