Online Student Registration How to Create anActive Parent Account

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Parents/Guardians for each student must verify their physical address each year with the school district by providing 2 proofs of physical address that are in the same name and within 60 days of registration date.

Types of proofs of physical address accepted:

1. Filed Homestead Exemption Application form
2. Mortgage documents or property deed
3. Apartment or home lease
4. Utility bills
5. Driver's license
6. Voter precinct identification
7. Automobile registration
8. Affidavit and/or personal visit by a designated school district official
9. Any other documentation that will objectively and unequivocally establish that the parent or guardian resides within the school district
10. Certified copy of filed petition for guardianship if pending and final decree when granted

Requires the Grenada County resident, and parent/legal guardian of student to report to Central Office to complete an affidavit stating his or her relationship to the student, and that the student will be living at his/her physical address full time, and provide documentation fully explaining the reason(s).

Examples of situations where this may apply:
A. Death or serious illness of the child's parent(s) or guardian(s);
B. Abandonment of the child;
C. Child abuse or neglect;
D. Unstable family relationships or undesirable conditions in the home of the child's parents or guardians having a detrimental effect on the child;
E. Students enrolled in recognized exchange programs residing with host families.
Whenever appropriate the person who has assumed responsibility for the care and custody of the child shall be encouraged to obtain legal guardianship of the child.
The school district may require additional documentation and verification at any time.

(Adapted from GSD Board Policy: JJBC – 6-13-2017)