Elementary Media Info

by Lynne Marascalco, GES Librarian

Read At Home Program

Reading Fair Preparations

New Read At Home Program for Students and Parents

Parents are encouraged to help their child build reading skills with RAH, (Read At Home), a new read-at-home backpack program at the GES Library. Parents and teachers may check out the new bookbags, which include a hardcover book and laminated parent guide, suggesting activities to complete with the child. It offers a wonderful opportunity for parents to spend quality time with their child while reinforcing reading skills such as vocabulary development, comprehension, story sequence and recall.
Some activities include journal writing, drawing or creating games. When the bag is returned, projects the children have completed can be displayed in the library helping to spark the curiosity of other students and motivate them to read at home also. Bags may be checked out before or after school by parents.

Students use backpack program