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On-line Student Elections

Voting at Grenada High School has gone high tech! Students voting in recent Homecoming Maid, Who's Who, and Class Officer elections experienced online voting for the first time this year. In the past, elections were conducted by paper ballot, a long and arduous process for the teachers handling the voting and those who actually counted the votes. Nominations, voting, and the subsequent tallying of the votes has been simplified with the help of Google Classroom and students' school email accounts - students can even use their phones or other devices to participate!

In order to conduct an online election, nominations must first be submitted for the voting categories. With Google Forms, nominations can be accepted using a Short Answer response . Students login to their school email account, join the Google Classroom set up by school personnel for voting, then access the link to the nomination form. Students then type in their choice for the categories and submit their form. Each voting form is limited to one-time use per student, and the responses are tallied automatically by the form. The results can then be downloaded into an Excel spreadsheet that can be sorted multiple ways for easier viewing.

After the nominations have been determined, the real voting begins. A new form is created that lists each category and the nominees for each in a dropdown box. Students simply log in, access the form, then choose a name from each category. Voting is usually open for three days to allow college-level courses that only meet twice a week a chance to vote. After the voting window expires, votes are collected from the automatic tally on the form. Any ties are subject to a runoff election that would be held online as well.

Winners of the Who's Who Election held at GHS are:
Mr. GHS - Christian Cain
Miss GHS - Ky'Nija Mister-Robinson
Most Comedic - Deon House, Lyric Watt
Most Fashionable - Timothy Herrington, Katelin Hayward
Most Intellectual - Kim Hou Kangheng, Elizabeth Braswell
Most Artistic - Ja'Querrious Berry, Katy Tramel
Most Spirited - Logan Pitcock, Ky'Nija Mister Robinson
Most Adventurous - Easton Curry, Isabella Escobedo
Most Likely to be a Pro Athlete - Deon House, Kacey Carpenter
Most Likely to be President - Timothy Herrington, Katelin Hayward
Most Likely to be a World Traveler - Ben Brasher, Shelby Moorman
Most Likely to Study Abroad - Kim Hou Kangheng, Maeci McCullough
Most Most Likely to Join the Military - Cameron Morgan, Lakeisha Harbin
Most Likely to Compete in the Olympics - Easton Curry, Isabella Escobedo

Newly elected Class Officers
President: Katelin Hayward
Vice President: Fredrick Tidwell
Secretary/ Treasurer: Desiree Golden
Reporter: Peyton Trotter

President: Presley Rice
Vice President: Kayla Reece
Secretary/ Treasurer: Sara Murphy
Reporter: Brianna Shaw

President: Shaunna George
Vice President: Sterlin George
Secretary/ Treasurer: Nick Johnson/Mia Parker
Reporter: Alijah Lofton

President: Allie Holland
Vice President: Brooke Thomas
Secretary/ Treasurer: Hallie Kerr