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Military Portraits Exhibited at Grenada Post Office

The Grenada School District delivers a well-rounded education for its students, focusing not only on academics, but the arts and music as well. Students can choose from a variety of these classes to satisfy the electives portion of their graduation credits. Electives introduce students to skills and careers they might not have known about or even considered for themselves.

Art classes comprise two of the courses available as electives. The students learn a variety of techniques from pencil drawings and calligraphy to charcoal drawings and painting. Students start out in Art 1 practicing basic art skills, then students who meet certain artistic criteria progress to Art II. These students create projects in several different media and participate in art contests in and around the state. Art II students also complete several independent projects throughout the year including a final in-depth project.

One of the special assignments produced by Art 2 students at GHS honors veterans and military by drawing on their knowledge of different military engagements through history classes. The students gather photographs from their own family and the families of teachers to create portraits using the grid technique. Students in Art II are Haley Conley, Chasye Corley, Keily Federick, Kailey Jones, Anna Kuhn, Katie Mims, Anna Gray Neeley, Cade Whitfield, Micah Williams, and Jenny Wortham. The 2017 Veteran's Day portraits are on display at the Grenada Post Office from Veterans Day through the December 7 anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor. Grenada High School Art would like to thank the Postmaster and Post Office for supporting us in this project. The public is invited to go by and view the portraits.

Military Portraits exhibited at the Post Office Grenada High School Art II students recently completed a Veteran's Day project centered around family members that served in the military. They collected photos of their own family members and those of teachers' family members to create portraits using the grid technique. The portraits are on exhibit at the Grenada Post Office from Veteran's Day through December 7, the anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor. The public is welcome to visit the Post Office and view the display.