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Stephanie Raper
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Another New School Year

Here we are again – another new school year. We've all heard that the older you get, the faster the time goes – well, I'm here to tell you – IT'S TRUE! Just where has the time (and the summer) gone? Chalk it up to lessons learned, vacations taken, and memories made – one more year is in the books and one more is about to begin. Your kids (and their teachers) are another year older and hopefully a little wiser! Enjoy the ride, because before you can blink, this year will disappear in the rearview mirror as well.

Grenada School District teachers and administrators began the new school year on Monday, August 7, and students will quickly follow on Wednesday, August 9 as they descend on their respective schools for "Meet the Teacher Day". This day offers the opportunity to make a good impression, get a feel for the atmosphere of each teacher's classroom, and to greet the teacher in a more casual atmosphere versus the hustle and bustle of the first few days of class. Teachers also provide pertinent information about their classes during this time to help the year pass smoothly.

Meet the Teacher schedules for the individual schools are:
• Grenada Elementary School: Kindergarten/2nd Grade (10:00am – 12:00pm)
1st Grade/3rd Grade (1:00pm – 3:00pm)
• Grenada Upper Elementary: 4th/5th Grade (1:00pm – 3:00pm)
• Grenada Middle School: 6th Grade (10:00am – 12:00pm)
• Grenada High School: Seniors/Juniors (10:00am – 12:00pm)

On Thursday, August 10, GSD students attend their first full day of classes, and the new year officially begins. Be aware that traffic will be slow; allow plenty of extra time to get your child to school for the next few days. Planning ahead for delays will help everyone remain calm and cool in this hot, Mississippi weather!

Each school provides a handbook unique to their individual school. Students and parents should familiarize themselves with the rules and information in these handbooks. This familiarization can lead to a more productive and positive school year for everyone. Each student is provided with a handbook, and handbooks may be accessed online at the GSD website (www.grenadak12.com) as well. (Apps are now available for the school district and calendars – check them out!)

Parents and students of all ages can benefit from the following tips:
1. Get back into a routine as soon as possible.
2. Help your children set goals for the school year. This is an important step to help your child reach his or her potential. Talk with them during the year as well to see how they feel about the goals they set at the beginning of the year. Have their goals changed in any way? What can you do as a parent to help them meet those goals?
3. Plan for after-school activities. Set a schedule - What time should students be home each afternoon? Are there any practices to attend? How will they get there?
4. Prepare a specific plan for homework. When and where will the student do their homework? Who will check their homework? Students with a homework routine are more likely to stay on track in their classes.
5. Utilize "Active Parent" website – www.https://ms2220.activeparent.net . This important site allows parents to view all assignments and grades. Parents can sign up to access this site at their student's individual school. An Active Parent app is also available, making it incredibly easy to keep up with your child's progress during the year.
6. Parents should be positive and encouraging - students feed off of their parents' views.
7. Make sure students have all of their school supplies, lunch money, and other needed materials and fees. Being prepared minimizes students' stress.
8. The online school meal plan, My School Bucks allows parents to load students' lunch money account online. This plan puts an end to the daily question, "Do you have lunch money?" Account balances can be viewed and payments can be added anytime – there's even an app. It's easy, and it even notifies you when the balance dips below a certain level!
9. Emphasize the importance of being prepared and attending school daily with minimal absences. Check with your child's specific school for more information about their absenteeism policy.
10. Encourage students to build connections by joining clubs or playing sports.
11. Engage your child in meaningful, two-way conversations about their school day on a daily basis.

Hopefully these tips will help students and parents navigate a successful school year.
The Grenada School District is excited about the new year and looks forward to a positive and productive learning experience for each student enrolled. If you have any questions about the upcoming school year, please contact your child's specific school. Welcome back!