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Stephanie Raper
In the Loop Editor


Yearbook Spring Deadlines

Spring semester is an incredibly busy time of year for the Grenada High School Annual Staff. Spring sports have begun, and the last deadline is fast approaching. In order to complete the book in time for a spring issue date, staff members must buckle down and crank out designs and photos to fill the last remaining pages.

Due to a final March deadline date, spring sports cause staff members to scramble trying to snap action and team photos to fill each team's pages. Most spring sports teams can't begin practicing or holding try-outs until February. With the excessive rain this year, many teams are behind with try-outs, so gathering a team for a photo is almost impossible. Many teams also must wait on members who play fall sports to wind up post-season play before they can move on to the next sport. Many of the Grenada High School teams advanced to playoffs this year – way to go!

Senior ads can also cause a snag in the race to complete the yearbook as staffers wait for seniors to turn in photos and text for their ads. These ads are an important part of the memories preserved in the annual, and staffers work hard to commemorate the year in a way that uniquely represents each individual. Ads take time to create, and the information for each one is due before Christmas each year to allow time for layout and design. Often, this information is held up due to photographers, weather, etc., and can leave ad designers rushing to complete these pages. A huge thank you to all the seniors and parents who purchase senior ads each year! Congratulations on your graduation. The yearbook staff hopes your ad meets all your expectations.

Another hold up in the completion of the yearbook often comes in the form of faculty and administration. These individuals are extremely busy, and trying to get a group of them together at one time can seem almost unattainable. (Have you ever heard the phrase "herding cats"?) At GHS, the annual staff has taken a different approach to faculty photos in the past few years. Due to lack of participation by faculty on school photo day (does anyone really like to have their photo taken?), the staff tries to make faculty photos a fun experience by creating themed department-group photos. If everyone can't get together at once, Photoshop and individual snapshots make it happen. Poses are usually based around the yearbook theme or the subject area involved. The annual staff strives to include every GHS faculty member. They are an integral part of the school – one that should be preserved for posterity.

Administrators pose yet another set of difficulties for the yearbook. The demanding schedules of five separate principals seldom allow them to land in one place at the same time. Scheduled photo ops can be derailed by illness, meetings, or a variety of other occurrences that arise during the course of the day. Eventually, they can be corralled in one spot, but it may take several attempts.

The GHS Annual Staff works extremely hard to produce a yearbook that embodies the school year it memorializes. Many hours are put into sports events, snapshots around campus, designing pages, and working with students and faculty to create a book worthy of Grenada High School. Thank you, staff members, for all your hard work!