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Stephanie Raper
In the Loop Editor


2016 Yearbook

Several school year milestones slipped by in recent weeks. Spring Break came and went in a breath of warm air, followed immediately by that last (hopefully) arctic blast that comes right around Easter. The Easter bunny hopped through town, along with Good Friday and Easter Monday holidays, and the GHS Annual Staff completed the 2015 – 2016 yearbook!

These events cause teachers, students and administrators to cheer, as they signal the beginning of the final nine-weeks of the school year. After Spring Break, the year flies by in a rush of testing, studying, celebrations, and graduation.

The most important of these events to me is, of course, the completion of the GHS yearbook. Each year, the GHS yearbook staff faces the daunting task of creating a publication that will forever hold the memories of 2016 for the students of Grenada High School. The staff strives to preserve the school’s memories in a unique and memorable way each year. This year’s theme, Lights, Camera, Action!, puts the spotlight on the important events and people that shaped the school year. The theme of the yearbook is chosen by the staff after careful research, collaboration, and development. Members vote on different theme suggestions, and then create sample pages of their personal vision of the theme. After they have presented their ideas to the group, members choose the best ideas to incorporate into the publication.

The theme must be integrated into the entire book, not just the cover. Staffers create sections that tie in with the theme through the use of clipart, phrases, and images they created using Photoshop.

Photographs taken at different events during the year are carefully considered and chosen. You can’t imagine the amount of photographs 11 student photographers can amass during the year! There is lots of trial and error in staff photography as many of the members are just learning to use a DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex) camera for the first time. Students receive instruction on camera use and settings, but photography is very much a hands-on experience; one that must be experimented with and learned by actual practice in the field. Due to this fact, an extraordinary amount of photos are not yearbook worthy and must be deleted. As staffers become more comfortable with the cameras, their photos improve, and sometimes we see some really incredible shots.

After thematic elements have been chosen, and all the undesirable photos deleted, page design takes top priority. The design of each page is carefully chosen to represent not only the theme, but the meaning of the group or event being featured. Some staffers prefer to create sports pages while others fancy senior ad or business ad creation. Club and event pages are also up for grabs. Staffers sign up for pages they wish to complete, with older members mentoring younger ones in the art of creation and design. This process works very well, as each year; new members come on board and must learn the ropes. Old members are incredibly adept at showing them the tips and tricks they learned as newbies.

Thanks to a great group of staff members this year. This year was the first since I became annual advisor that the staff was made up entirely of females. The group has become closely knit and works together very efficiently. I am extremely grateful to them all for the hard work they put in the product they produced. Staff members this year were: Seniors – Kristian Alexander; Kiandra Kendrick, Editor; Melissa Sones, Editor; Juniors –Anna Bradlie Blair; Hannah Cadena; Kaylee Clanton; Macy Craddock; Chelsey Flynn; Anna Hayward, Editor; Sophomores – Katelin Hayward and Danielle Robinson.

Thanks, ladies, for an incredible year!