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Stephanie Raper
In the Loop Editor

            GHS Yearbook

Believe it or not, planning for the 2015 Grenada High School yearbook is already underway.  Actually, the planning stage began while school was still in session last April.  Many decisions must be made before the actual, physical work begins. 
            Choosing a theme for the upcoming book is the first item on the agenda each year.  If you’ve never attempted to get 12 high school students and one adult to agree on one particular item from a list, you just haven’t lived!  (Really, it’s not that bad!)  Staff members are first asked to brainstorm a theme, or subject, for the upcoming book.  Once they have their idea, they must design a cover for the book that expresses the theme and show how they would incorporate this theme throughout the book.  Once their idea is developed, they present it to the group.  After all presentations have been viewed, the discussion and voting begins.   It can be a hard process, but in the end, majority rules and a decision is made. 

            Once the theme is chosen, a more in-depth plan develops.  Cover design details, specific ways to integrate the theme throughout the book, and page layout and placement come into play.  While some themes may sound like a great idea in the beginning, the actual development and inclusion of that theme may not be so easy.  With 195 plus pages to fill, a cumbersome theme can be a nightmare for a yearbook staff.    

            After the theme has been finalized, the waiting game begins.  Events covered in the yearbook must actually happen before they can be covered or included.  Games must be played, pep rallies must be attended, and pictures must be taken.  During this time, staff members learn and practice the art of ad sales and marketing. 

            Students sell ads to local businesses to help defray the cost of the book and also allow businesses to show their support for our school.  Asking adults you do not know for money is not an easy task.  Please be patient with these students.  They are learning real-world social and business skills, and not everyone was born a salesman (this includes myself)!  Thanks to all the businesses that support our yearbook each year; your help is extremely important and provides valuable experience to the staff members.  As a former business owner, I understand that many fundraising opportunities present themselves to you each year.  Thanks for choosing to support your school district through a yearbook ad. 

            Once the staff reaches the end of their ad sales period, the actual layout and design of the book begins.  By this time, events occur on a regular basis, so there is plenty of material to place and design on pages.  The yearbook staff also plans and hosts the Charger Olympics each year as well as the annual GHS Beauty Revue, so we stay extremely busy right up until the yearbook is completed.    

            February and March put the staff to the test as they frantically work to meet the final submission deadline in March and to include activities such as spring sports.  After the final submission is complete, we kick back with a wrap party, then start the whole process over again! 

            Important deadlines to remember for the GHS Yearbook:
Thank you again to everyone who supports the Grenada High School Charger Yearbook!  If you have any questions concerning the yearbook or any submission deadlines, please contact Stephanie Raper, GHS Annual Advisor, at (662) 227-3476.