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Stephanie Raper
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Hometown Celebrity Charlie Worsham

Hometown celebrity Charlie Worsham wears his success comfortably, like a good pair of tennis shoes – brightly colored orange ones, to be exact! Worsham, a Grenada native and graduate of the Grenada School District, visited Grenada High School recently to motivate and encourage students. His trademark orange tennis shoes also made an appearance as he spoke to students about careers, college, academic pursuits, and his time so far in the music industry.

In town for the opening of the Grammy Museum in Cleveland, Mississippi, Worsham departs next week on a European tour with Frankie Ballard. The junior and senior classes at GHS listened eagerly as he spoke about his time in high school and college and how it helped him become the person he is today. In response to a student question, Worsham credited his success to his parents, who always supported and encouraged him, and to the teachers that played a major role in his life. Worsham also entertained the crowd with several songs, including part of one written about Grenada from his upcoming new album.

Worsham spoke to students about their job goals and how many careers, from truck driver to accountant, have a place in the music and film industry. “Even though you may not be the one on the stage,” he stated, “every entertainer has a multitude of employees that make them successful.” Worsham talked about touring with Taylor Swift, who employs around 150 people while on the road. ”Set your sights on your dream,” he said. “Don’t be afraid to follow those dreams; you never know where they will take you.” When asked by a student how they could be signed to a record deal, Worsham became serious. “Signing is only the beginning,” he stated. “I have worked hard for over a decade, paying my bills by playing music. Once I signed with my label, I had to work even harder. It’s not a game…”

An avid supporter of Mississippi and Grenada, Worsham is working to pay forward the encouragement and education he received here. He urged students to be proud of their home state and town. “Mississippi is rich in arts and music,” Worsham related. “Did you know that Mississippi has more Grammy winners than any other state?”

Currently, Worsham is working with Grenada Arts Council, searching for opportunities to become involved in his hometown. “It is my hope to inspire and empower a new generation to follow their hearts towards careers in music and the arts,” Worsham stated. “I am here today to get a feel for the youth in the community and gain some insight into the direction I need to focus my efforts.”

Thanks, Charlie, for your interest in your hometown and the future of our youth. You are a shining example of what is right and good about Mississippi. We look forward to hearing more from you both musically and as a supporter and motivator of Mississippi youth.