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Who's Who 2014

            Each year, students at Grenada High School nominate and vote for their peers who most personify the categories of “Who’s Who.”    Certain categories vary each year to fit the theme of the yearbook, while others remain constant throughout the years.  “Who’s Who” is not the old “Sophisticated Seniors”, “Jolly Juniors”, “ Silly Sophomores”, and “Funny Freshmen” of your parents’ yearbook.  Categories have been revamped to fit the times and the vibe of today’s youth. 
            The theme of this year’s yearbook, “Express Yourself”, left plenty of room to recognize the many unique and different ways students express themselves at GHS.  The winners of this year’s “Who’s Who” election are:span
  • Mr and Miss GHS – John Austin Cook, Sarah Kate Griffin
  • Best Personality – Sydney Taylor, Chance Davis
  • Most Likely to Walk the Red Carpet – Beth Moore, Cody Upchurch
  • Class Clown – Hannah Hood, Tyrin Jones
  • Most Spirited – Kristian Oliver, Chance Davis
  • Most Memorable – Sydney Taylor, Jarvis Benson
  • Most Intellectual – Sarah Kate Griffin, John Austin Cook
  • Teacher’s Pet – Kayla Dees, Gary Wayne Smith
  • Most Artistic – Paige Porter, Will Goff
  • Most Likely to be President – Sharnell Bowdry, Jarvis Benson
  • Most Likely to Succeed – Beth Moore, John Austin Cook
  • Most Likely to be a Pro Athlete – Abby Vance, Genard Avery
  • Campus Cutie – Jesse Meadows, Dillan Hill
Each class (seniors, juniors, sophomores, and freshmen) also nominated and voted on favorites and sweethearts from their particular grade level.  All of these students are featured in their grade’s section in the yearbook.  The winners of this election are:
  • Senior Favorites – Genard Avery, Nyterica Edget, Sydney Taylor, Cody Upchurch
  • Senior Sweethearts – Jesse Meadows, Joslyn Roby
  • Junior Favorites – Jarvis Benson, Hannah Brasher, Reiv Wood, Chelsea Wright
  • Junior Sweethearts – Ashley Kellum, Tiara Watson
  • Sophomore Favorites – Sloane Reid, Trey Spencer, Dylan Tease, Althia Topps
  • Sophomore Sweethearts – Kristian Alexander, Allyn Flautt
  • Freshman Favorites – C.J. Avery, Chelsea Berry, Tori Dubard, Justin Lott
  • Freshman Sweethearts – Tavanna Bounds, Anna Gillis
The nomination and election process for “Who’s Who” is handled by the yearbook staff and the English department at GHS.  The first step in the process is nominations.  The yearbook staff develops the forms and passes them out to the English teachers who conduct the nominations in class.  Only seniors participate in the nominations.  Nominated student names are then organized and sent to the GHS counselors who check the students for eligibility.  Students must possess a certain grade point average and not have excessive discipline issues in order to be eligible. 

Once the students have been given the thumbs up by the counselors, the annual staff places the names on a ballot.  Students vote by filling in bubbles on a computerized ballot form.  Student names are assigned a number that corresponds with a bubble on the form.  After all the ballots have been filled in, the staff collects them and scans them in a machine designed for that purpose.  Once all the ballots have been scanned, the machine displays the number of votes received by that student based on the number they were assigned on the ballot.  The student with the highest number in each category is chosen as the winner.  Students may only win two categories, not including Mr. and Miss GHS.  The entire student body votes during this process.

The Class Favorites and Class Sweethearts elections are handled a little differently.  Each grade level nominates and votes on these categories for their class only.  Students hand write their votes, which must be individually counted and tallied.  The students with the most votes are declared the winners.  If a student is chosen as a Favorite and a Sweetheart, they must choose which category they want to represent. 

The nomination and voting procedure is quite an undertaking, with the entire student body participating.  The GHS Annual staff would like to thank the English teachers for all their time and effort in this important process. 

Congratulations to all the winners!