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2018 Who's Who

A favorite part of the yearbook each year, Who's Who pictures, involves several groups of students elected by their peers. These groups included Class Favorites, Class Officers, Class Sweethearts, and all of the Who's Who categories.

Who's Who groups senior students into classifications based on different criteria each year. Some of you may remember the "Jolly Juniors" or "Silly Seniors" monikers that appeared year after year. These titles have evolved, and each year are brainstormed and developed by the yearbook staff to coincide or tie into the current yearbook theme. While some categories stand the test of time like "Most Likely to be President," or "Mr. and Miss GHS", others have grown into creative categories like "Most Adventurous" or "Most Likely to Study Abroad."

Class Officer elections develop a little differently from the Who's Who categories. Class Officer candidates must qualify for election much like a real candidate. First they must fill out a form and then have it signed by a certain number of students and teachers. Once they qualify, they are free to campaign for their chosen office with posters and unique reminders to vote for them! Once the campaign time has elapsed, the election is held.

This year, class officer elections were held electronically for the first time.

Class Favorites and Class Sweetheart coincide with the Who's Who election. Students are nominated from each grade level then voted on by that particular grade. The winners of the Class Favorites and Class Sweethearts elections this year are:

Freshman Class Favorites
Bratton Willoughby
Hunt Young
Blake Sides
Brooke Thomas

Freshman Class Sweethearts
Hannah Briscoe
Allie Holland

Sophomore Class Favorites
Mason Blankenship
Christian Wortham
Anna Hurd
Mia Parker

Sophomore Class Sweethearts
Shaunna George
Braylee Shaw

Junior Class Favorites
Jordan Simmons
Micah Williams
Presley Caldwell
Kayla Reece

Junior Class Sweethearts
Alissa Aldridge
Madison Davis

Senior Class Favorites
Christian Cain
Tripp McCrory
Erin Hill
Madison Martin

Senior Class Sweethearts
Elizabeth Braswell
Danielle Robinson

Once all the elections are held, the fun begins with the Who's Who photo shoot. Students are allowed to dress up and bring appropriate props for the theme of their category. Picture day places the lucky students smack in the middle of their own celebrity photo shoot, with clothing changes, selfies with the fans (other students), plenty of photos with different poses, and lots of camaraderie and laughter.

It takes a good bit of planning and coordination to photograph all the groups smoothly and in a timely manner. Sometimes, however, the unexpected occurs and plans have to be changed midstream. This year, an unexpected field trip scheduled for the same day as Who's Who pictures threw a wrench in the plans. Since practically all of the freshmen involved in the photos were participating in the field trip, the freshmen photos had to be rescheduled.

Even with the unforeseen kink, the photo shoot was a rousing success and a good time was had by all. Congratulations to all the winners!