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Stephanie Raper
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NNDCC Physical Training Meet

On Saturday, August 26, 2017, Grenada High School Navy National Defense Cadet Corps participated in the Warren Central Physical Training meet. Grenada cadets competed against 13 other schools with over 60 teams.

They competed in several events including the 25-yard tire roll, 25-yard sand bag carry, 25-yard stretcher carry, two-minute sit-ups, 200-yard relay, and a tug of war. Each school fielded a minimum of three teams: male, female, and co-ed. Male and female teams consisted of four cadets, while co-ed teams had to have at least two females on the team. The events completed during the meet are not only physically challenging, but they also require teams to work together, building rapport and camaraderie between the team members.

Rules of the events required the tug of war teams to have at least two females on the team along with eight males. Grenada cadets finished a strong second during this event! During the 25-yard sand bag relay, cadets complete a 25-yard run carrying 20-pound sand bags in each hand. The 25 yard tire roll consisted of rolling a tire 25 yards around a cone and back. Cadets competing in the 25-yard stretcher carry completed four, 25 yard rotations carrying 100 pounds on a stretcher. This match-up required the four team members to switch positions for each rotation until all members had carried in all four positions. The sit-up portion of the event saw cadets completing as many sit-ups as possible for two minutes while going on an up/down cadence. The final event was the 200-yard relay where each team had to run down the length of a football field and back.

Grenada cadets secured four trophies at the meet - third place female team; first place mixed team; and first place male team - an outstanding finish for the cadets of GHS! The next physical training competition scheduled for the NNDCC will be held at Grenada High School on the main football field on September 23, 2017. Come out and support the Grenada High School NNDCC Cadets as they strive to become the top team in the state!