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Stephanie Raper
In the Loop Editor

 First Nine Weeks 2014

                Next week marks a milestone for the Grenada School District’s 2014 – 2015 school year as the end of the first nine weeks of school comes to a close.  Many events have taken place during this time including Homecoming, See You at the Pole, and Visions’ Showchoir’s first show of the year.  SATP retesting began during this time as well.  We definitely have a full schedule here at GSD!

            Students, faculty and administration have been busy coordinating all the events of the previous eight weeks in addition to their normal daily routine of teaching, studying, and practicing.  This week, teachers and students begin reviewing for exams which take place October 8, 9, and 10.  During the first nine weeks’ exams, no exemptions are allowed.   All students take exams based on material covered during the previous weeks.  Each school has its own exam schedule, so check with your child’s school for specific exam times. 

            Following exams, Grenada School District personnel and students will enjoy Fall Break, scheduled for October 13.  Students will return to classes on October 14, 2014 to begin the second nine weeks of the semester.  After Fall Break, classes continue until the Thanksgiving Break which is scheduled for November 24 – 28.  When students return, the final push to end the semester begins. 

            Semester exams are slated for December 17, 18, and 19, 2014.  These exams include any information taught during the first semester.  Students may be exempt from classes which do not utilize a District Common Assessment as an exam if they meet exemption guidelines for their school.  Exemptions are designed to reward students who attend classes regularly and maintain a certain average throughout the semester.  Check with your child’s school for specific guidelines for exemptions. 

            After semester exams, students, faculty, and administration are dismissed for Christmas Holidays (can you believe they are only 13 weeks away?) from December 22 – January 5, 2015.  Faculty and Staff will return January 5, 2014, for a day of Professional Development.  Students return January 6, 2014, and the process begins all over again! 

            Time seems to be flying by this school year.  Even students have remarked on how quickly the days are passing.  Encourage any students you see to attend school every day and to make the most of their educational experience.  Regular school attendance and consistent study habits contribute to students’ educational success.  Let’s all make the effort to see that all of our community’s children are successful.