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Stephanie Raper
In the Loop Editor

Grenada Thanksgiving

I believe that Thanksgiving may be the perfect holiday. There’s no pressure to find the perfect gift; no frantic scheduling of trips to various and sometimes far away relatives’ homes. There’s just food, close family, friends, and the realization of how we can all find something for which we are thankful – no matter how tough a year it’s been.

As a teacher, I am grateful for the Thanksgiving break. It gives me a chance to clear my mind and prepare for exams and the rest of the school year. It also gives me a chance to start my Christmas preparations. However, I realize that this time is a blessing that not everyone enjoys.

I have also realized as a teacher, that not everyone possesses the wonderful holiday experiences that I have acquired throughout my life. Growing up, my family always celebrated Thanksgiving with a passion – with my grandmothers as the driving force. As I’ve gotten older, responsibilities have shifted, and now my cousin and I host most of the holiday celebrations. There’s food and laughter and memories for a lifetime, but after a few years of class Thanksgiving projects, I recognize that many families don’t celebrate like mine, and some don’t celebrate at all.

Until I began teaching, I didn’t realize that many people did not experience the same childhood experiences that I did. Many of my students through the years have expressed that they have never been to the zoo or even out of the state of Mississippi. Talk about a dose of reality! Those revelations made me even more thankful for my family and the childhood experiences I enjoyed.

During this season of thankfulness, remember those who may not have the experiences you have had. The saying that “there’s always someone with a bigger problem than yours” is very true. We may have not had the best year, but we can all find something for which to be thankful. We work so hard to make the world equally accepting and accessible for everyone, but sometimes there are those who still fall through the cracks. Find your thankfulness and help those who may fall through those cracks. Remember those who may not have family or the means to celebrate the holiday.

The Grenada School District is thankful for our students, faculty, administration, staff, and the community which support us. We wish you all a very happy and memorable Thanksgiving.