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Stephanie Raper
In the Loop Editor

Three R’s of Education

               Everyone knows the three R’s of education:  Reading, wRiting, and aRithmatic, right?  Well, did you know that teachers also have three R’s?  The three R’s of summer, according to teachers are:  Rest, Renew, and Retirement! 

                  The first of the three, Rest, is the one teachers need the most at the end of a long and stressful school year.  Days with no alarm clock, the ability to read for pleasure and not for lesson planning, and a few days without hearing your name called multiple times a day or answering the same question repeatedly (unless you have kids of your own) go a long way towards improving teachers’ abilities to conquer the next school year.  These are the small pleasures that most teachers look forward to each summer and the ones that are well-deserved. 

                  Other summers in the life of a teacher are devoted not to Rest, but to the second R, Renew - as in “Renew your teaching license”.  Teachers spend numerous summers during their career working on a new degree or earning CEU’s (Continuing Education Units).  Upgrading their degree or accumulating CEU’s help teachers renew their license, a task that must be completed every few years.   Honestly, more teachers spend their summers on this R (renew) than they do on either of the other two.

                  Finally, the third R stands for Retirement.  It’s a position we all hope to attain one day.  Many teachers who began their career straight out of college find that they are able to retire at a relatively young age, but many remain in their teaching position well past the minimum due to the rewards that teaching offers.  We’ve all heard people say they are not in a career for the money; well, teaching is one of those careers.  While the monetary gains are small, the emotional rewards are plentiful.  Assisting students along the journey of life ranks at the top of many teachers’ reasons for remaining in the educational system.  There is a lot to be said for watching a child learn and grow in front of your very own eyes.  To see who those students become, and how they use the education you helped instill is a powerful testament to a career spent shaping young minds.  There is no better feeling than meeting a former student on the street who hugs your neck and thanks you for your influence.  

                  This year, the Grenada School District would like to thank the teachers and staff who are retiring from a lifetime of educating the students of Grenada County.  Your service has influenced hundreds of students (maybe even thousands) during your career.  Teachers retiring this year include:
These retirees were honored recently with a ceremony and reception at Grenada High School.  Each year, teachers, administration, and staff gather for a final district meeting to wrap up the year and celebrate those retiring from the profession.   It is one of the highlights of the year, and one of the few times where all district employees can gather and socialize at one time.  It is a great place to commend those who have served the district for so long. Congratulations to all and best wishes for a happy and fulfilling retirement.