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Stephanie Raper
In the Loop Editor


Senior Year

Annnnd – the second semester is off to a blazing start at the Grenada School District! It seems that each year, the days and semesters pass by more quickly than previous ones. Recently I've heard many parents of high school seniors expressing that exact same sentiment! The senior year of high school is a whirlwind, and the first day of senior year is eerily like the first day of Kindergarten. Parents snapping pictures (many dabbing tears surreptitiously), students looking frantically for their friends in the crowd - there's usually even a traffic jam at the high school that's strangely similar to the one at the elementary school each year. Sound familiar? Yep, if you've ever dropped off an elementary school-age child on the first day of a new school year, that memory will haunt you forever.

As senior year progresses, the similarities remain. Students forget to bring home important papers with information for parents (it sure would be nice if those high school teachers would put those papers in those backpacks like the kindergarten teachers did!), and they always seem to always need money for some sort of program or event! Hang on, senior parents, you're halfway there… Once Spring Break blows through (it's only seven weeks away) time will fly even faster. After Spring Break, there's only about seven and a half weeks left until your senior completes high school – gasp! Senior exams, graduation practices, and then the big night – graduation! When you wake up the morning after graduation, you'll no longer have a child, but a young adult, ready to move into the world of college or into the workforce. A whole new era of your life and theirs will begin.

Take the time now to savor these last few months of your senior's high school years. Be sure you ask them regularly about events or deadlines – they have a lot on their minds (and it's not necessarily school-related) - they may not always remember to relay this information. School calendars are on the GSD website and can be accessed at any time. Attend as many events your child is involved as possible. Once they graduate, events may be far from home or occur far less frequently – make those memories now. Take pictures. A collection of pictures from senior year is a gift they'll treasure forever – a personalized yearbook so to speak. And last of all – talk to your senior about the next phase in their life. Help them plan, dream, and prepare for what's ahead. As a parent, the most important job you'll ever have is preparing your kids for life in the real world. Your children are the leaders and the workforce of tomorrow – we're all counting on you!