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Stephanie Raper
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My Child is Finally a Senior! What Do I Need to Know?

Every student in the Grenada School District counts the days until they become a senior. Many expectations and dreams reside in the senior year of high school. It’s a time to be “Top Dog;” no longer an underclassman, but one of the UPPERCLASSMEN – a member of the graduating class. Senior year has its own set of rules – and it comes with a price tag…

Rule Number One: There are parties – lots of parties. The senior parties are planned and hosted by Grenada High School senior parents. This year, the optional cost to attend the parties is $75.00 – this includes the parties only. The first party, a slip and slide/pool party has already taken place. Other party events planned include:

September – Western Party
November – TBA
January – Rave party
March – Mystery party
May – Crawfish boil

So far 77 seniors have signed up and are participating in the parties. There is room for everyone, so come join the fun! GHS seniors and parents can connect on the Facebook page, Grenada High School 2013 Senior Class. While this page is not school-sponsored, important senior information, questions, and answers find can be found on this site. It is a great place to see what’s happening (or what you’re missing) with the Class of 2013.

Rule Number Two: Seniors wishing to attend $25.00 the Senior Prom will incur a cost of $25 . If this amount was not paid during registration, it may be paid to Mr. Ronald Hammond at GHS. If the senior intends to bring a date to the Prom that is not a GHS senior, a date ticket may be purchased for $10.00.

Cap and Gown rental for graduation ranges from $65.00 - $70.00 depending on the supplier. A cap and gown will be rented only if the senior plans to participate in the graduation commencement exercises. Seniors will be notified of the exact cost and payment due date.

Rule Number Three: There are pictures – lots of pictures! From senior drape photos for the yearbook, to a professional photo shoot, or just random snaps, the amount you spend can vary. Senior drape and tux photos for the GHS Charger yearbook must be taken with Torrance Photography. These are scheduled and taken on the campus of GHS. If you miss your scheduled time or date, you may have to drive to their studio to take your portrait. Drape and tux pictures from other photographers cannot be accepted for the yearbook. The sitting fee for senior drape and tux photos is $30.00.

Many parents also opt for a senior portrait session with a professional photographer of their choice. Price depends on the photographer you choose, size of portraits, and number of prints ordered. An approximate sitting fee for senior portraits according to one local photographer is $50.00; this does not include prints.

Rule Number Four: Most seniors send out graduation invitations, and the cost of these can fluctuate as well. Orders may be placed at GHS with Jostens, where package prices usually start around $100 and can go as high as $600 depending on the options you choose. Many families choose to create their own invitations using their child’s senior photos. Prices can differ depending on the printing source you use and the size of the invitations.

Rule Number Five: All seniors need a GHS Charger yearbook and a graduation DVD to remember their senior year. Many years from now, they will still pull out their yearbook and reminisce about their high school years. The graduation DVD makes a great gift for grandparents or other relatives who can’t make the actual graduation ceremony. Cost of the GHS yearbook is $85.00. The graduation DVD is $30.00. Yearbooks may normally be purchased through the end of November and DVD’s through the end of April. Senior ad pages for the yearbook may also be purchased. Seniors received an ad guideline sheet and price list from their English teachers. Deadline to purchase senior ad pages is October 31, 2012. Please direct any yearbook or senior ad questions to Stephanie Raper at GHS.

Rule Number Six: Enjoy your senior year! Cost? FREE! Make the most of this last year. After high school you’re considered an adult, and the responsibilities grow exponentially! Make memories, learn the lessons offered, and prepare for the real world! This year will pass faster than you can blink your eyes, so make it count!