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Stephanie Raper
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To the Seniors

Graduation is a life-changing event on many levels. For the graduate, it means the end of one stage of life and the beginning of another. For underclassmen, it provides incentive to complete those last years of high school. Parents and relatives looking on from the sidelines experience emotions ranging from pride in their child's accomplishments to sadness that their child will soon leave the nest.

The Class of 2018 has come a long way since they began first grade in August, 2006, and they have matured tremendously since then. Not only have they grown taller, they have grown wiser. They realize the value of an education, the importance of working towards a goal, and the fact that their lives are turning a corner onto a new path.

The seniors of Grenada High School will take their last high school final exams this week, and they will walk across Charger field next Friday, May 25, during graduation. Many of the Class of 2018 will enter college in the fall. Some will begin classes this summer, and some already have college classes on their transcript thanks to dual-credit classes offered at GHS. Other graduates will immediately join the local workforce or will relocate to other towns to begin this new stage of life.

To the Class of 2018 - the possibilities for your future are endless. Your parents and teachers have given you the tools to go out into the world and make your mark. Advice from those who have traveled the path to adulthood previously can help smooth out or avoid any rough patches you might encounter. Believe it or not, most of us HAVE been there and done that (and sometimes wish we hadn't). Heed these words of advice from your teachers at GHS as you enter the world after high school:

• Shann Worsham - "Find something you love and do it. Don't rush everything; enjoy the moment. Wear blue jeans at least twice a week or they won't fit!"

• Matthew Gardner - "Any chance you get – take it!"

• Melanie Hopper - "Choose your friends wisely; stick with those that make you better."

• Sydney Samples - "Do something a little crazy and push yourself outside your comfort zone."

• Julie Duke - "Read the word of God every day."

• Ron Hammond - "Work hard; stay true to yourself; don't worry about making mistakes."

• Kristina Wilson - "Trust in the Lord and follow his teachings."

Do not take graduation lightly. You have accomplished a feat that many have not. Go out into the world and chase your dreams with enthusiasm and perseverance!