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NNDCC Yazoo Meet

On Saturday, September 24, 2016, Grenada Navy National Defense Cadet Corps hosted a physical training meet against Yazoo County High School. This marks the second time the two schools have faced each other in physical training meets this year.

The schools competed in the following events, Pull ups/Hang, 100-yard Relay, Tire Roll, Ammo Can, Trolley and Tug-of-War. Male cadets where judged in full-arm extension pull ups, while female cadets were required to hang on the pull up bar for as long as possible. In the Tire Roll event, cadets maneuvered a tire 25 yards around a cone and back. The Ammo Can Carry involved cadets sprinting 25 yards around a cone and back while carrying 25-pound ammo cans. The trolley teams, which consisted of 5 cadets, worked together to carry a team member on a trolley made of 2x4's with rope handles for 25 yards around a cone and back. The 100-yard Relay featured stamina and teamwork as each team member ran the length of the football field before passing the relay baton to another teammate. The first team to cross the finish line won.

Each School had at least one of the following teams in each event: an all male team, an all female team, and a mixed team which was made up of both male and female cadets. The competition ended with the Tug-of-War. Each school's Tug-of-War team consisted of eight male cadets and two female cadets.

Grenada NNDCC captured four first trophies during the event, placing first in the Tug-of-War for the second time this year. They also placed first in the all-male cadet category for the second time this year as well. This was a magnificent finish considering this was only the second physical training meet this year. The following cadets that participated in the physical training meet CaTarrus Black, Darian Johnson, Anfernee Clemons, Robert Evans, Kenretta Bounds, Jamilha Govan, Marissa Wallace, Tykerria Parker, Jakaiya Avery, Dillion Booker, Fredarion Eskridge, Quanterris Eskridge, Amiracle Finchis, Lajarrius Thomas, Jamar Westbrook, Deiondra Cahtmon, Kiarra Clemons, Ashulon Hardaway, Demetrius Harbin, Devin Dunn, Tanesha Applewhite, Antravius Jones, Charlie Bounds, Carnell Farmer, Destiny Gayden, Nylasia Randle, Aalyria Wright, Keino Bounds, Kamiya Clark, Lakesha Harbin, Eleasa Ramsey, Destiny Traylor, Araya Williams, Laquaisha Woodard, Chance Wortham, Myka Smith, Kaylei Daniels, Jonathon Forrest, Tyvarius Garfield, and Liam Thayer, Johnathan Rice.

The cadets hope to continue their winning streak and work their way back to the regional and state JROTC Physical Training meets, held in April of each year. On October 29, 2016, the Grenada NNDCC will host its annual drill meet at the high school stadium, starting at 8:00am and ending around noon the same day. Eight schools have committed to attending the meet so far, including the school boasting the number one drill team in the state of Mississippi and a school ranked number five in the nation. Come out and cheer on your Grenada NNDCC teams as they rally to defeat the opposing schools! You can also support the program by purchasing discount cards from any cadet. Discount cards entitle the cardholder to various discounts at business both inside and outside Grenada. The program is also still in need of sponsors. If you are interested in sponsoring the NNDCC, contact Chief Reese Foreman at Grenada High School.

Congratulations to the winning NNDCC teams! Good luck in future competitions this year!