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NNDCC Wants You!!

Grenada High School Navy Nation Defense Cadet Corps wants you! Are you a Grenada High School student who would like to join an organization that allows you to broaden your horizons and prepare for the future? If this sounds like you or someone you know, the GHS NNDCC Bravo Company might be just the place for you.

NNDCC members study the heritage and development of the United States Navy and the United States Marine Corps, as well as the United States as a whole. Cadets learn how naval forces operate and develop an understanding of the naval community and its mission, goals, and benefits. Most importantly, members have opportunities to assume command positions and exercise leadership skills. NNDCC also offers a myriad of extracurricular events and competitions such as marksmanship, drill team, close order drill, and summer training. Each year the cadets host a military ball with full honors, allowing cadets and their dates a chance to dress up and enjoy fellowship outside the school environment.

While becoming a member of NNDCC does not require you to pursue a military career, the coursework prepares cadets for positions in any military or civilian career. Leadership is emphasized, and classes cover military customs and courtesies, flag etiquette, instruction in marching for parades and ceremonies, rifle drill, study habits, time management, first aid, communication skills, personnel counseling and fundamentals of financial planning, and personal and stress management. Drug and alcohol abuse and the effects they have on the human body and physical exercise are also emphasized. Members also learn about exciting careers in the U.S. Navy.

Membership in NNDCC provides tools for success after high school regardless of a chosen career path. If a student chooses a military career, many benefits are available. NNDCC helps cadets build a solid background for ROTC scholarship applications available at colleges and universities across the country; Ole Miss and Mississippi State are just two of these colleges. Those wishing to apply to a military service academy may access avenues within the NNDCC program that will help them achieve this goal.

Seniors and juniors from NNDCC attend field trips each year to Congressional Academy Days which are sponsored by local congressional offices. This event provides information regarding service academies' admissions processes, the congressional office's nomination process, and often opportunities to meet with service academy representatives. The NNDCC experience can also help provide a competitive edge over other applicants for scholarships. If attending college immediately after graduation is not in the cards, a military career might be just the ticket. Students who complete two or three years in NNDCC normally enter the military one to three grades higher than other enlistees.

Entering at a higher rank means a larger starting salary. Cadets are not just confined to the grounds of GHS. Grenada's Bravo Company actively contributes to the community, continually reaching out and lending a hand to those in need, participating in several community service projects throughout the year.

Cadets often travel as a group both in and out of state. Past trips included visiting the National WWII Museum in New Orleans, Louisiana, to navigating the physically intense obstacle course of the Camp McCain training facility located in Grenada. Cadets also have the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of teams that compete with other units over the NJROTC Area 8 and the state of Mississippi. Those teams include: Unarmed Basic Drill Team, Unarmed Exhibition Drill, Armed Basic Drill, Armed Exhibition Drill, Two- Man Tandem, Color Guard, Academic Team, Physical Fitness Team, Orienteering, Sea Perch(Underwater Drone), Drones, and most recently Air Rifle Team.

Bravo Company currently consists of 75 members. Their goal is to reach 100 members. When the unit roster lists 100 cadets for two years in a row, they will return to a full NJROTC unit. Come join the GHS NNDCC team and help us reach that goal "Team Work Makes the Dream Work." Contact Chief Reese Foreman at GHS for more information.

***Thanks to Chief Foreman for contributing the information for this article.