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NNDCC End-of-Year Annual Awards

 The Grenada High School chapter of the Navy Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps / Navy National Defense Cadet Corp recently held its awards ceremony for the 2018 – 2019 school year. Chief Newtroin Foreman presided over the event held at the GHS gym. Chief Foreman, along with representatives from various national organizations that support our military members, presented awards.

During competition this year, the cadets earned 27 awards, the highest number of awards accrued in any given year. They finished 14th out of 50 schools in Area Eight for NJROTC, up from 49 out of 49 six years ago. For the fifth year in a row the cadets attended the JROTC State Meet for Physical Training where they placed 2nd out of 80 schools in the state of Mississippi for the 3rd year in a row. The unit also finished 10th in the All State JROTC meet. This year the GHS NNDCC achieved Distinguished Unit for the first time, an achievement that the unit has never earned in its 26 year history. They also participated in a Seaperch meet and an Area Eight Brain Brawl meet. The unit placed 3rd in the Seaperch Regional meet and advanced to the semifinals in the brain brawl. The awards ceremony provided an opportunity to honor the Cadet Corps for their hard work and dedication throughout the year. Awards presented included:
• American Legion JROTC General Military Excellence Medal – Kevion McGee
• American Legion JROTC Scholastic- Kimhong Kangheng
• Order of Daedalian Award - John Boler
• Daughters of the American Revolution Award – Alyria Wright
• Sons of the American Revolution Award – Ethan Tuberville
• National Sojourners Award – Kimhong Kangheng
• Military Order of the Purple Heart – Johnathan Forrest
• Navy Youth League- Carnell Farmer
• Daughters of 1812- Ruby Stanton
• Veterans of Foreign Wars- Marissa Wallace
• Hunley Award Sons of Confederate Veterans JROTC- Trista Harmon
• Military Officer Association- Ashulon Hardaway
• American Veterans- Mallorie Bowden
• Military of World Wars- Johnathan Rice
• Scottish Rite- Shaquala Norman
• Surface Navy Decatur Award- Junior- Paris Harville
• Surface Navy Decatur Award -Freshman- Andrew Wallace
• Noncommissioned Officers Association- Mallorie Bowden
• National Society for Founders and Patriots of America- Milton Davis
• Marine Corps Association Award- Ethan Tuberville
• Retired Enlisted Association Award- Ashulon Hardaway
• Military Order of Foreign Wars Academics- Shaquala Norman
• Military Order of Foreign Wars Leadership- Ashanti Rounds
• Sons of Union Veterans JROTC Award- Kaleb Daniels
• Reserve Officer Association- Johnathan Rice
• Special Forces Association- Corban Thayer
• Military States Army Warrant Officer Association- Freshman – Tyner Kelly, Sophomore- Javarios Boclair, Junior- Tanesha Jefferson, Senior- Adarius Harris
• Military Officer Benevolent Corporation- Freshman - Andrew Wallace, Sophomore - Joeseph Martin, Junior - Mallorie Bowden, Senior - Ra'kiya Hubbard,
• Tuskegee Airmen- Jacob Chavis and Ke'ajah Holloway
• Daughters of the American Colonist Award- Takilya Anderson
• Vietnam Veterans of America Award- Desiree Lott
• Amelia Earhart- Shawn Wicker
• Distinguished Cadet- NS1- Jeremiah Berry, NS2- John Boler, NS3- Ashulon Hardaway, NS4- Alyria Wright
• Honor Cadet- NS1- Merci Watkins, NS2- Kimhong Kangheng, NS3- Mallorie Bowden, NS4- Marissa Wallace

Another momentous event took place at the ceremony as the current JROTC staff members turned over their job responsibilities to the new staff members for the 2019– 2020 school year. The following changes in command were made:
Cadet Company Commander: Johnathan Forrest turned over to Malorie Bowden.
Executive Officer: Marissa Wallace turned over to A.J. Hardaway
Operations Officer: Desiree Lott turned over to Kimhong Kangheng
Administrative Officer: Alaryia Wright turned over to Corbin Thayer
Command Senior Chief: Carnell Farmer turned over to Johnathan Rice
Supply Officer: Devon Wilson turned over to Ruby Stanton
Weapons Officer: Johnathan Rice turned over to Joseph Jennings
Personal Officer: Ty'keria Parker turned over to Tanesha Jefferson
Armed Basic Drill Team Commander: Kimhong Kangheng
Armed Ex Commander: Kimhong Kangheng
Color Guard Team Commander Navy: Mallorie Bowden
Orienteering Team Commander: Joeseph Martin
Rifle Team Commander: Kimhong Kangheng
Athletes Commander: Javarios Boclair - Blue Team and Kameron Ewing - Gold Team Honor Guard: Mallorie Bowden
First Platoon: Seth Reed from Adarius Harris
First Platoon Asst. Kaleb Daniels
First Platoon Guild- Joseph Jennings
Second Platoon: Dakota Luke from Ra'kiya Hubbard
Second Platoon Asst.: Jeremiah Berry
Second Platoon Guild-On: Chance Melton
Third Platoon: Ashanti Rounds from Shaquala Normal
Third Platoon Asst.: Dillan Booker
Third Platoon Guild-On: Tyner Kelly
Command Guide-On: Peyton Pilgrim from Kaleb Daniels
Safety Officer: Trista Harmon
Saber Team Commander: Ashulon Hardaway
Academics Commander: Ethan Tuberville, Asst. John Boler
Chaplin: Merci Watkins
STEM Teams- Blue Team Tyner Kelly and Gold Team Andrew Wallace

Congratulations to all the Cadets who received recognition for their efforts during 2018-2019 school year!