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NJROTC Awards Breakfast

The Grenada High School chapter of the Navy Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps recently held its awards breakfast for the 2011 – 2012 school year.  Commander Joe Rutkowski presided over the event held at the GHS cafeteria.  Rutkowski, who is retiring after this year, handed out local awards, while representatives from various national organizations that support our military members presented awards for their groups.  The breakfast provided an opportunity to honor the Cadet Corps for their hard work and dedication throughout the year.

The following awards were presented:
-American Legion JROTC General Military Excellence Medal Award - Nick Merrill
-American Legion JROTC Scholastic Medal – Alexis Evans
-Military Order of World Wars Award – Tysheann Grant
-NS-1 Surface Navy Association Stephen Decatur Award– Randy Moss
-NS-3 Surface Navy Association Stephen Decatur Award
-Military Officers Association of America – Quinton Hall
-Daughters of the American Revolution Award – Abriana Allen
-Sons of the American Revolution Award – Allison Evans
-Scottish Rite Award – Samantha Carpenter
-Non-Commissioned Officer Association Award – Tristan Austin
-National Sojouners Award – Brianna McKinney
-Military Order of the Purple Heart – Jasmine Edwards
-Gregory Brooks Award – Shinique Tisdale
-Amvets Awards – Hayden Province
-Navy Youth League – Chelsey Stroup
-Legion of Valor – Nick Merrill
-Distinguished Cadet Award (Academics & Aptitude):   NS-4, Tysheann Grant; NS-3, Allison Evans; NS-2, Nick Merrill; NS-1, Randy Moss/Caleb Blair
-Honor Cadet Award (Academic) – NS-4, Shinique Tisdale; NS-3, Jasmine Edwards; NS-2, Alexis Evans; NS-1, Portia Fox/Jessica Chamberlain
-Outstanding Cadet Award All Around Excellence – NS-4, Albert Salinas; NS-3, LaDaliaha Pittman; NS-2, Michael Wilson; NS-1, Jessica Chamberlain
-NJROTC Aptitude Award:
-NS-1:  Caleb Blair, Nikki Herron, Tedi McGarrity, Randy Moss, Tanaiya Singleton, Brittany Bess, Ashley Bacon, Portia Fox, Shantelle Parker, Alexia Woodall, Harmony Rickett, LaJarvas Simpson, Anecia Ford, Parker Stewart, James McCarroll, Trevarius Reece, Nytarica Braxton, Kathryn Williams, Jessica Chamberlain, Alteesha Thompson, Devin Williams
-NS-2:  Alexis Evans, Nick Merrill, Tristan Austin, Dakota Wortham, Mary Cannon, Abriana Allen, Keonna Seeden, Michael Wilson
-NS-3:  Jasmine Edwards, Allison Evans, Cassie Austin, Hayden Province
-Exemplary Conduct Award – Brittany Bess, Caleb Blair, Mary Cannon, Alexis Evans, Allison Evans, Montel Ezell, Anecia Ford, Portia Fox, Tysheann Grant, Quinton Hall, Jabari Hardwick, Kayleb Lang, Tedi McGarrity, Ashley McGee, Breanna McKinney, Easton Miller, Randy Moss, LaDaliaha Pittman, Harmony Rickett, Albert Salinas, Keonna Seeden, LaJarvis Simpson, Shinique Tisdale, Jaron Vescovo, Michael Wilson
-Exemplary Personal Appearance Award – Jessica Chamberlain, Caleb Blair, Alexis Evans, Allison Evans, Portia Fox, Shinique Tisdale, Tysheann Grant, Nick Merrill, LaDaliaha Pittman, Breanna McKinney, Randy Moss, Deandrea Myles, Trevarius Reece, James McCarroll, Keyiana Willis, Harmony Rickett, Cassie Austin, Mary Irene Cannon, Keonna Seeden, Alteesha Thompson, Brittany Bess
-Letter Jackets for NS-3 Cadets – Cassie Austin, Jasmine Edwards, Allison Evans, Quinton Hall, Breanna McKinney, Hayden Province, LaDaliaha Pittman
-Another momentous event took place at the breakfast as the current JROTC  staff  members turned over their job responsibilities to the new staff members for the 2012 – 2013 school year.  The following changes in command were made:    Cadet Company Commander Tysheann Grant turned over to Jasmine Edwards; Executive Officer Samantha Carpenter turned over to Nick Merrill; Operations Officer Courtney Wright to Keonna Seeden; Administrative Officer

Shinique Tisdale to Chelsey Stroup; Community Service Officer Hayden Province to Breanna McKinney; Public Affairs Officer Breanna McKinney to Breanna McKinney; News Reporter will be Brittany Bess; Supply Tellametria Allen to Dakota Wortham; Weapons Officer Quinton Hall to self; Store Manager Samantha Carpenter to Nick Merrill; Unarmed Drill Team Commander will be Tristan Austin; Armed Drill Team Commander will be Jasmine Edwards; Colorguard Team Commander will be Quinton Hall, and Orienteering Team Commander (Land Navigation) will be Cassie Austin.

Congratulations to all the Cadets who received recognition for their efforts during 2011-2012 school year!