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Mu Alpha Theta Activities

There are many academic, service, and social clubs at Grenada High School.  Students sign up for membership based on their interests, their skills, or sometimes just because their friends are members.  The clubs provide extra activities for students and teach them life-skills like volunteering and working with others.   Some clubs even help students expand on their academic skills. 

Mu Alpha Theta, a math-oriented club, teaches students advanced math skills.  The club also participates in several competitions across the state each year.  Students compete in individual and team competitions such as Relay, Potpourri, Ciphering, Hustle, and Interschool Test.  Each event has its own set of rules. 

While the Potpourri test consists of a variety of questions from various math subjects, the Relay event contains only one question.  During Relay, a four-person team is seated in the following order in a row:  Seat 1 – Geometry/Algebra; Seat 2 – Algebra II; Seat 3 – Trigonometry/Precalculus; Seat 4 – Calculus.  During the test, the team is given a problem to solve.  Each student must solve their part of the problem in seat order so that the next team member can utilize the previous answer while solving their part of the equation!  Team members may not talk during the solving phase, but may pass the problem back to the previous seat if they feel that member’s answer is incorrect.  When the student in Seat 4 reaches the final answer, the answer sheet is submitted for scoring.  This is the ultimate teamwork test!

Ciphering is the only competition where students compete in rounds to qualify for a final round of testing.   The Ciphering team consists of no more than four students.  There are three divisions in Ciphering:  Junior Division which consists of Algebra II and Geometry; Intermediate Division containing Trigonometry, Probability and Statistics, Advanced Algebra, and Pre-Calculus problems;  and Advanced Ciphering consisting of all Intermediate Ciphering topics plus Calculus.  The problems in Ciphering are short answer, and students have a maximum of two minutes to answer each question.  If they answer correctly within one minute, they receive four points; if they answer correctly before the two minute time limit, they receive two points.  The ten highest scoring schools will advance their four highest scorers from the first round to the final round.

The Hustle also utilizes rounds of competition and consists of teams of up to four students; however, Hustle has no final round to determine the winners.  The winner of the Hustle competition is determined by points accrued during the rounds.  The members of the Hustle team can include no more than two students from any of the three Ciphering rounds.  The four members will have five different eight-minute rounds to sort through 125 questions.  The questions are based on five mathematical areas and are color-coded by area.  The areas include:  (1) Algebra and Geometry; (2) Algebra II; (3) Trigonometry; (4) Advanced Math and Calculus; and (5) Statistics and Data Analysis.  Each correct response from Round I scores six points; Round II receives five points; Round III receives four points; Round IV, three points; and Round V, two points.   

The last type of competition is the Interschool Test.  This is the oldest event of the competition and garners the most school spirit from the teams.  This competition consists of a short-answer test composed of a variety of challenging problems from all the topic areas.  Each team may have up to 25 members.  Teams may also bring reference materials such as textbooks to this part of the competition. 

Members of GHS Mu Alpha Theta for the 2011-2012 school year are:  Cassie Bennett, Ashley Briscoe, Ariel Chavis, Diksha Dadlani, Kimberly Fortner, Devin Frost, Kaitlyn Junkin, Richard Nail, Dhruvin Patel, Bryant Poe, Stuart Shaw, Jacob Simmons, Daulton Byars, Charity Clark, Jacobi Daughrity, Kayleen Fly, Sarah Kate Griffin, Megan Helbert, Lasqueesha Pryor, Lauren Simpson, Will Sturgeon, Shinique Tisdale, Deidra Trotter, Jamal Washington, Kyjuan Weathers, Bianca Wiggins, Fadarious Woods, Alexandra Brasher, Karen Chan, Joe Gafford, Josh Gafford, Shavonna Herron, Yvonna Herron, Winston Lee, Ashley Martin, Valencia McFadden, Shelby Phelon, and  Amber Wilson.  These students have competed in several competitions already this year including the Mississippi School of Mathematics and Science Mathematics Competition, Mississippi College Math and Science Tournament, and the online Rocketcity Competition.  The team will travel to Jackson April 1 – 2, 2012, to compete in the Mississippi State Mu Alpha Theta Competition.  In addition to the competition test events described above, students will also complete area tests in Algebra II, Geometry, Trigonometry, Pre-Calculus, and Calculus at the state level.  Mu Alpha Theta members meet every Wednesday morning before school as well as after school while preparing for competition.  Advisors for the club are Ms. Bonnie Keene and Mrs. Laura Barfield.