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Spring Exams 2018

Spring Break is finally just around the corner, and while it seems that the break has arrived at record pace this year, I question if rest of the year will speed away in similar fashion.

With all of the rain, cold weather, and flu, Spring Break couldn't have arrived at a better time. Hopefully, the weather will improve, and the flu bug will fly away in the March winds while students, teachers, and administrators are not cooped up together inside the school buildings for a week. A little fresh air and space can do wonders for the health (both mental and physical)! Before the break can commence however, students must take nine weeks exams.

The third nine weeks ends on March 9, and Spring Break follows during the week of March 12 – March 16. Students in the Grenada School District will be involved in exams during the week of March 5 – March 9. Schedules for exams in the district are:

• Grenada Elementary Green Top
o Monday, March 5: ELA - Part 1
o Tuesday, March 6: Writing - Part II
o Wednesday, March 7 – Math
o Thursday, March 8: Science

• Grenada Middle School
o Tuesday, March 6: 6th - 8th grade science
o Wednesday, March 7: Stem/Tech Foundations; Social Studies
o Thursday, March 8: English/Language Arts
o Friday, March 9: Math

• Grenada High School
o Wednesday, March 7: 2nd, 4th, 6th periods
o Thursday, March 8: 1st and 5th periods
o Friday, March 9: 3rd and 7th periods

Please contact your child's school for specific questions about exams. Normal school hours will be observed during exams. Class periods and times may fluctuate to accommodate longer exam periods. Please watch for students outside during Spring Break. Hopefully the weather will allow everyone to enjoy the great outdoors and a break from rain, studies, and germs! Happy Spring!