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Stephanie Raper
In the Loop Editor

Memories for a Lifetime

Did you ever run across someone from high school that remembers you, but you don’t remember them?  What’s the first thing you did?  You ran home, pulled out your old high school yearbook, looked them up, and figured out who they were, of course!  Then, as you flipped through the pages, memories from years past came flooding back, bringing laughter and tears about events you hadn’t thought of in years.

The high school yearbook is a piece of history that cannot be replaced.  It’s a valuable resource that jogs our memory when needed, and it has the ability to make us young again as we peruse its pages – sort of like a flashback to our teenage years.   Over time, many things about high school and teenagers have changed, but the importance of the yearbook remains.            

 The Grenada High School yearbook staff is made up of a diverse group of students chosen from recommendations submitted by English and Technology teachers.  Students nominated display a great work ethic, attention to detail, creativity, and an ability to work well with others.  Once nominated, students fill out an application which is reviewed by the annual staff advisor.  Because members usually remain on staff for their entire high school tenure, only a limited number of positions are available each year.  Students are chosen based on their abilities, personalities, and the strength of their application.  Exceptional skills like photography, artistic ability, or grammatical prowess are given special consideration.

Each year, the Grenada High School yearbook staff works very hard to create an exciting and memorable yearbook for their fellow students. Work abounds for annual staff members with ad sales and development, event photography, creative writing, layout and design, and fundraising comprising the bulk of their workload.  Organization is the key to a successful yearbook, so each staff member is given specific duties as well as duties that are assigned to the group as a whole.  Fundraising is usually a team effort, while individuals are responsible for covering and photographing events such as football games and pep rallies.  Each member signs up to design certain pages of the yearbook and must meet the deadline for that section.  They learn to collect information and photographs and arrange them attractively on the page, while adhering to the timeline set forth by the advisor.             

The cost of the full-color yearbook produced by the GHS annual staff is in the five-figure range.  Each year, the GHS yearbook contains close to 200 pages and features color pictures of all its students and faculty, clubs, sports teams, and other school organizations and events.  The cost to produce this yearbook is not covered by the sale of the yearbooks alone.  The generosity of local business owners who purchase ads and the sale of senior ads helps fund the cost.  Other fundraising events like the Charger Olympics and the sale of spring break t-shirts also help subsidize the yearbook account so that it remains self-supporting.  Thank you to everyone who supports the GHS yearbook staff in their fundraising efforts!