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Stephanie Raper
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GCTC DECA Creates "Love Packs"

We’ve all heard the commercials on the radio; the ones about hunger in America.  These commercials make us stop and look around and ask ourselves, “Do I know anyone who doesn’t have enough food to eat each day?”  Like the commercials say, hunger is a silent problem, one that’s hard to recognize.  Many children and adults struggle with this problem daily and in today’s economy, many more will face it.  DECA students at Grenada High School have planned a community service project to help ease this difficulty for some of the younger students in the Grenada School District.

Many children rely on schools for the majority of their meals.  Breakfast and lunch are served daily during the school year, and for some students, these meals may be the only food they eat during the day.  Weekends pose a larger problem as students face two days in a row with little or no food in the house.

The GHS DECA project “Lovepacks” addresses this problem and tries to help ease the hunger of some of our smaller students.  DECA students have been collecting food in easy-to-open containers like pop-top ravioli and soup, or individually wrapped food items such as nabs and granola bars.  These food items will be packed into individual bags for distribution.

Counselors and homeroom teachers at GSD schools were asked to identify students who would benefit from extra food items over the weekend.  Each Friday, a teacher would discreetly place a “Lovepack” in that child’s backpack, providing the child with much-needed nourishment until he or she returns to school. 

November, traditionally a month where many express their thankfulness or show support for those in need, provides the perfect starting point for “Lovepacks.”  November is also “DECA Month”, when DECA organizations around the country celebrate their purpose and try to inform others of their mission. 

Each week during November, students who were identified will receive a “Lovepack.”  DECA students hope that members of the community will join their effort and help continue the project past November.  Beginning in January, DECA students will begin asking for donations of small non-perishable, easy-to-open or individually wrapped food items that may be placed in the “Lovepacks.”  Questions about the program may be directed to Lisa Wilbourn, DECA Advisor, Grenada Career and Technical Center – (662)226-5969.