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STAR Lab Exhibit at The Kidzeum

Preston Downs, Gracie Colbert, and Kyler Pittman are pictured next to The Star Lab that is set up in The Night Sky exhibit inside The Kidzeum at Grenada Elementary School.  Children journey inside the Kidzeum's 10.5' planetarium to learn about constellations in the night sky. 

Star Lab at Kidzeum

Children at Grenada Elementary School don't have to visit the zoo to see lions, tigers, and bears!  They are learning how people from long ago have been spotting animal shapes in the stars throughout history.   The Kidzeum is introducing GES students to the wonders of the stars with The Night Sky exhibit, which features an indoor, mini-planetarium. 

During their first visit to The Night Sky, children at GES and teachers in the Kidzeum BLAST OFF in their imaginary space shuttle to discover many wonders in the night sky.  They discover answers to questions like "Where does space begin?" "What shape is a star?", "What are constellations?", and "Can airplanes fly into space?"  The students journey inside the Kidzeum's very own 10.5' mini planetarium called the Star Lab.  Students learn that some of the oldest stories can be seen in the night sky.  While inside, the students are able to locate the Big Dipper and Orion.  After spotting Orion, the students found Betelgeuse, pronounced "Beattle Juice".  Betelgeuse is the funny named, bright star that is in the upper left corner of Orion that appears reddish orange in color.  The Big Dipper and Orion are two constellations among the star patterns included in a Native American story told by the Kidzeum teachers, while students visit the Star Lab.  The wonders of the stars helped inspire the stories shared with students  in the Star Lab.

        During students’ second visit to The Night Sky exhibit, they discover how a telescope works as they participate in a celestial find while actually looking through telescopes.  Children will also be able to create one of the 88 known constellations and even their very own constellation.   

        When asked what the children liked best about The Night Sky exhibit in the Kidzeum, first grader Carson Honeycutt, from Mrs. Carol Ciarlonni's classroom announced, "Oh my word, I loved the Star Lab!"  Second grader, Savannah Mallet, from Mrs. Christy Mann's classroom responded, "I liked everything!  The Big Dipper looked like a big pot."  

        The Kidzeum provides each child with directions for finding Orion and the Big Dipper while standing in their own backyard, under the night sky this winter.  We encourage everyone to go outside under the clear, night sky and enjoy stargazing in 2014!
Newly designed Kidzeum t-shirts will be available for sale in February.  All proceeds from the Kidzeum t-shirt sales benefit current and future exhibits.