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Stephanie Raper
In the Loop Editor

Kidzeum's Mississippi Exhibit

There is a new "Mississippi Mystery" visitor in the Kidzeum! The students at Grenada Elementary School encounter this visitor when they come for the new exhibit titled, "Go, Mississippi"!  Steamboat smokestacks from a Mississippi Riverboat welcome students as they come inside to learn what our state has to offer.

As students travel through the exhibit, which is divided into the different regions of our state, they learn why each part of our state holds such fascinating importance.  The children discover all about our grand "Magnolia state" - from the Mississippi Native Americans of long ago, to today's well known Mississippians.  The children at GES become "Junior Archeologists" as they use sifting trays to sift through sand and uncover what Mississippi natives might have used and how they lived.  Fun facts about our state symbols are a challenge to learn as students walk through the Kidzeum's state capital.  Thanks to our friends at the Mississippi Fish and Wildlife and The Corps of Engineers at Grenada Lake, students actually get to touch and feel different wildlife that reflects the state symbols.

Moving along the main highway of Mississippi, the children work their way to the Coastal region to help measure a whole catch of fish from the "SS Kidzeum", a fishing/shrimping boat located in the exhibit area.  Here, students use their mathematical measuring skills to complete this "hands-on" activity.  During this first visit, the children also see and feel some of Mississippi's main crops like cotton and soy beans. This helps students discover which products we use every day in our homes come from the different crops raised in our state.  Thanks to several local farmers who helped supply these crops!

On their second visit to “Go, Mississippi,” students learn about other important products from our state, especially dairy products.  The children will milk a simulated milking cow thanks to our friends at Farm Bureau and shop in the Kidzeum grocery to discover products made from Mississippi crops. The students will be able to hear sounds from the Mississippi Delta region and taste a bite of a Mississippi treat.

The Kidzeum thanks the 2012 Leadership Grenada Team which helped make this exhibit possible. The Leadership Grenada Team adopted the proposal for the idea for a brand new exhibit about Mississippi for the Kidzeum. The team completed a large display case that holds artifacts and memorabilia for display. At this time, the display case is full of hand-made baskets, a beaded belt, and apron made by the Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians.  Thanks to the generosity of Grenada resident Mrs. Marie Davis, these beautifully crafted items are on loan for the children at GES to see authentic work from Native American Indians of Mississippi.  The Leadership team also helped transpose the Kidzeum bank into the state capital of Mississippi.