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Stephanie Raper
In the Loop Editor


Homecoming 2016

Homecoming Week, celebrated last week in the Grenada School District, consists of many activities, some scheduled and approved and others, well, not so much! Depending on who you ask, there's a love/hate relationship with Homecoming. Most students love Homecoming Week. School dress-up days, staying up late, and sleep-overs; what's not to love? Well, if you're a parent, faculty member, or administrator, the love may not run so deep; however, we all remember our own Homecoming days, and we try to grin and bear it. It's a rite of passage, right? Well… at least it's over for another year!

The activities we love about Homecoming keep us sane during those crazy days. Seeing just how far some students (and teachers) can go to create that perfect outfit for Tacky Day or which college comes out on top with the most support on Jersey Day rank high on the love list. Some of the outfits that pop up on campus will amaze you! Events like Charger Olympics and the Homecoming Pep Rally really get the spirit up for the Friday night game too. There's nothing better than a little class competition to bring the student body to its feet!

Homecoming Week kicked off last Tuesday with the annual Charger Olympics. Teams made up of three males and three females from each class (Seniors, Juniors, Sophomores, and Freshmen) plus a teacher team competed in a series of wacky games.

Points were awarded based on the order teams placed in each game; the team finishing with the most points was named Charger Olympic Champion! For the second year in a row, the teacher team claimed the gold horseshoe medals awarded to the victors. The second place silver medals were awarded to the sophomores, and the bronze third place medals went to the seniors. Coming in fourth and fifth, respectively, the juniors and freshmen received spirit medals. The medals are created from real horseshoes in honor of school mascot Chip the Charger. A big thanks to the Metal Trades students, Annual Staff members, and Art II students for their help in creating these unique awards. Members of the teams were:
• Teachers – Mr. Allen Collins, Mrs. Olivia Goode, Mr. Taylor Goode, Mr. Reid Kelly, Mrs. Loretta Lawson, and Mrs. Brandi Pillow.
• Seniors – Anna Bradlie Blair, Anna Marie Gray, C.J. Hankins, Stone Henley, Bradford James, and Myeisha Robinson
• Juniors – Adreyunna Edwards, Devin Guthrie, Lakeshia Harbin, Timmy Herrington, Erin Hill, and Gage Little
• Sophomores – Javier Booker, Kenretta Bounds, Elora Clark, Taylor Evans, Blake Morgan, and Kayla Reece
• Freshmen – Angel Beck, Mason Blankenship, Joshua Bryant, Heidi Clark, Abbott Hankins, and Makaiya Hughes

On Wednesday, GHS students experienced a tailgate breakfast provided by parents. Over one thousand sausage and biscuits were brought to the school and enjoyed by students and faculty before the first bell. Thank you so much to those who provided the wonderful breakfast!

Tacky was the mode of dress for Tacky Day, which also took place on Wednesday at GHS. Mismatched socks; floral, stripe, and plaid combinations; and Hawaiian shirts that would make your grandad shiver abounded on the campus as students tried to top each other in the tacky category. Thursday hailed as Jersey Day. College or pro sports jerseys dotted the campus as students showed their support of their favorite teams. On Friday, students showed their Charger spirit, wearing Homecoming t-shirts or their favorite GSD shirt.

Friday, before the football players took the field, they took time to visit Grenada Elementary School. Greeting the youngest Chargers as they arrived on campus, the Chargers raised the spirits not only of the students but of their own team.

The main event took center stage Friday night as Grenada took on the Lafayette Commodores. The event began with a Homecoming Parade at 6:00p.m, the crowning of the Homecoming Queen at 6:30, and kickoff at 7:00p.m. (Due to early submission time for this column, the name of the queen or the game score could not be released in time for this publication. Stay tuned for pictures in an upcoming issue!) Homecoming is a time to celebrate the school and the efforts that have been made there over the years. Memories past and memories made this year will never be forgotten. Thanks to everyone who contributed to the Homecoming experience this year!