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Stephanie Raper
In the Loop Editor


Homecoming 2020

While Homecoming just isn’t quite the same this year, schools have still managed to squeeze out some fun for the students and faculty. Dress up days create a light-hearted atmosphere that everyone enjoys. This year’s dress up days for Homecoming 2020-2021 included Tie-Dye Day, Neon Day, College or Pro Jersey Day, and Spirit Day/Senior Toga Day.

Students wear shirts for Tie-Dye Day Students and faculty alike participate in these days, and bring an element of friendly competition (especially on Jersey Day) to the classrooms. Coordinating caps were allowed each day, as well as jeans every day for faculty at Grenada High School (always a favorite!). Students were reminded to stay safe each day during after school activities by practicing social distancing and wearing their masks.

Those involved in the Homecoming Court managed to squeak in a practice before the rain on Wednesday. Maids, their escorts, the band, and the NJROTC all participate in this highly anticipated ceremony. We were all crossing our fingers and toes that the rain disappeared before the actual event! (I realize that my last statement seems sort of strange since by the time this is published Homecoming will be over, but did you know that these articles are written up to a week in advance? At the time this was written, I had no idea if the rain held off or not! Crazy, isn’t it?)

We missed the annual Homecoming Pep Rally and Charger Olympics at GHS this year. These two events are highly anticipated by students and faculty alike. Each promotes school spirit and friendly competition between the classes. Unfortunately, social distancing practices prohibit the gathering of the entire student body at one time. Hopefully, next year we will be free of COVID 19, and Homecoming 2021- 2022 celebrations will be bigger and better than ever.

Next week’s paper will actually contain the results of both the actual Homecoming game and the name of the Senior maid crowned Homecoming Queen. Stay tuned!