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Stephanie Raper
In the Loop Editor


Homecoming 2018

Homecoming week. The single week most anticipated by Grenada High School students. Dress up days, bonfires, sleepovers, and other activities we won't mention top the list of events students dream of. Thank goodness it's over!

We all survived Homecoming Week 2018-2019 in the Grenada School District, and lots of fun was had by all. The festivities began last week with the annual Charger Olympics. Each year, teams from each class as well as a teacher team compete in wacky games to see who will win the coveted golden horseshoe medals. Six people make up each team, three males and three females.

Games this year included Beach Ball Balance Relay, where each team member traveled as fast as possible while balancing a beach ball on a plunger, tagging the next team member until all had participated. Next up was Magic Carpet Ride which required pairs of teammates to sit on a sheet back to back and scoot across the gym floor to the next pair. The third was Around the World. In this race, all six team members climbed inside a wheel made of trashbags and duct tape. The entire team had to travel from one end of the gym to the other while keeping all hands and feet inside the wheel. If the wheel was destroyed, the team was disqualified. The Blind Charger Toss grouped team members in pairs of one male and one female. The male wore a blindfold and tossed small foam footballs to the female, who had to catch the footballs in a football helmet. The final game was the all-time favorite, Tug-of-War. The Junior class team claimed the Student Tug-of –War Championship, but the teachers pulled their way to the Overall Tug-of-War Championship. Finals standings placed the teachers first, juniors second, sophomores third, seniors fourth, and freshmen fifth.

Team members included: Teachers – Amanda Austin, Mark Davis, Newtroin Foreman, Keith Harris, Susan Holland, and Marilyn Junkin; Seniors – Adison Bell, Jayla Crawford, Iyonna Harges, Adarius Harris, Davion Rosenthall, Jaylen Townes; Juniors – Mason Blankenship, Anna Evans, Demetrius Harbin, Daniel Hester, Makiya Harris, and Johnecia Ross; Sophomores – Iyania Bankston, Garian Edwards, Kindle Jones, Lane Lemley, Rylee Murphree, Zaccheus Woodall; Freshmen – Aaliyah Buchanan, Jacob Chavis, Anfernee Edget, Ariel Haile, Oniyja Harris, and Alexis Rounds. Thanks to all these contestants for their participation!

On Wednesday, students and faculty dressed in observance of "Tacky Day". From boots with shorts to mismatched everything, GSD students brought tacky to a new high. Thursday offered the opportunity to rep for your favorite college on "College Jersey Day." Friday brought out the Charger in us all as we celebrated "Spirit Day" with Grenada School District t-shirts.

Friday night the football team was the focus as the Grenada Chargers faced the Louisville Wildcats. Prior to the game, the Grenada High School Homecoming Queen was in a lovely ceremony. The Queen's name, as well as the score of the game was not known at press time.

School is back to normal this week, with regular class periods and observance of the district dress code. Students are already dreaming of Homecoming 2019 – 2020…