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Stephanie Raper
In the Loop Editor "Graphic Design Class"


STAR Student and STAR Teacher Selected

Grenada High School offers a variety of elective classes not only to satisfy graduation requirements but also to satisfy the interest of its diverse student population. These courses vary in subject from accounting to music. The wide selection of course offerings allows students to learn and grow outside the boundaries of required academic classes.

One of the elective classes offered at GHS is Graphic Design. This class concentrates on image design and composition, digital image creation, and photography. Students begin the semester by digging into the history of graphic design that began with the very first written communication type – pictographs.

After students become familiar with the origins of graphic design and terms related to the field, they explore composition and design of images. Steps in creating a design and the design hierarchy are discussed as students create a variety of relevant image and document types. Students first work in Microsoft Word since most are familiar with this program in order to become familiar with the design process. As students progress, they delve into photo editing software to increase their skills.

Student graphics of GHS administrators

Different image types and their uses are discussed, and students use copyright-free photos from the internet to practice new Photoshop tools and actions. Students eventually focus on digital photography using cell phones as well as DSLR (digital single lens reflex) cameras. They take a variety of photos for use in the photo editing process. Students learn to improve poor photos, enhance them with filters, and remove objects or people from photos to place on different backgrounds.

The class offers an introduction to the field of graphic design. Designed to stimulate interest in a possible career in graphic design as well as offer skills students can use in real life, the class utilizes hands on projects to hone students' abilities. Some of the projects students complete each semester include greeting cards, graduation invitations, posters, t-shirt designs, and pop art. They learn to insert photos into text, warp text into shapes, and create magazine covers using themselves as the cover model.

The class appeals to artistic students as well as technologically inclined students through the combination of computers, cameras, and an eye for design. Plus it can open the world of art to those who can barely draw a stick figure through the use of computer-generated effects and photography.

Elective classes devised to draw out students' hidden talents and interests are one of many ways the Grenada School District encourages and develops well-rounded students ready to take the next steps toward college and a successful career and adult life. Our goal is to not only meet the academic needs of our students, but to also broaden their knowledge and horizons through enriching activities and classes.