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GMS Beauty Pageant 2017

Grenada Middle School recently held its annual Beauty and Beau pageant. Sixth, seventh and eighth grade contestants vied for the title of Most Beautiful and Most Handsome within their individual grade categories.

The contestants vote on the category of Miss Congeniality based on which of their fellow contestants displays the most pleasant nature during the pageant process. A total of 45 young ladies vied for the titles of Sixth, Seventh, and Eighth Grade Most Beautiful. The contestants competed in one, combined pageant where they were judged in groups based on their individual grade classifications.

Five Most Handsome contestants from each grade were nominated and voted on by the student body of their individual grades. Most Handsome for each grade was chosen by the pageant judges from each set of five contestants.

The pageant was hosted by the Grenada Middle School Football Cheerleaders as a fundraiser. The pageant was conducted by Cheer Coach Mrs. Lacey Harrell with the assistance of several other GMS staff members who generously volunteered their time for the event.

Congratulations to all the winners!

GMS Beauty an Beau Pageant

GMS Beauty an Beau Pageant

GMS Beauty an Beau Pageant