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Stephanie Raper
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GHS Students Active in School and Community

            Not only are Grenada High School students learning state required subjects in school, they are learning important life lessons as well.  Community service plays a large role in  our world today, and several GHS clubs require their members to complete community service projects throughout the year.  These projects teach the importance of helping othersand giving back to the community.
            The Grenada High School DECA program involves its students in four yearly community service projects, the first of which supports the March of Dimes.  Lisa Wilbourn, DECA leader, states, “The March of Dimes is a non-profit program that helps improve the health of babies by preventing birth defects and prematurity.  I chose the March of Dimes as our target charity, and the DECA students decided on a t-shirt sale fundraiser to raise money for them.”  This is the second t-shirt fundraiser conducted by DECA for March of Dimes.  Students involved in the project garnered approval from the school district, designed the shirts, contacted a printer and negotiated a price, and distributed forms to all homeroom teachers in the Grenada School District. 

            This district-wide fundraiser is one of the largest projects conducted by the club.  The t-shirt sale began September 15 and will conclude on September 30, 2011.  The last t-shirt fundraiser held by the club raised $4500.  This year they have set a goal of $6000.  If you would like to purchase a shirt and support the March of Dimes, you may place an order by calling 266-5969.

 A large number of future politicians from GHS recently participated in student elections.  They hope to serve as liasons between their fellow students, the faculty, and the staff.  Class officers also provide and organize information for their class members throughout the year. 
In order to run for class office, students must meet certain criteria:

In order to run for class office, students must meet certain criteria: -Be enrolled in GHS for at least one semester
-Have a 70 overall average in his/her academic classes
-Exhibit good leadership qualities
-Achieve an excellent attendance record

Students who meet the above criteria must complete a petition from the GHS office that contains the following:
-The name of the office for which the student is running
-A pledge signed and read by the candidate
-Signatures of 15 classmates
-Statement of grades and eligibility signed by a GHS counselorSignatures of three GHS teachers who have taught the candidate for at least one full semester

Candidates who meet eligibility requirements are allowed to campaign one week prior to the election.  Class officers elected for the 2011 – 2012 school year include:

-President – Karen Chan
-Vice President – Presley Coleman
-Secretary/Treasurer – Candice James
-Reporter – Zack Armstrong

-President – Bryant Poe
-Vice President – Mary Courtney Self
-Secretary/Treasurer – Hannah Thomas
-Reporter – Courtney Simmons

-President – Sharnell Bowdry
-Vice President – Sarah Kate Griffin
-Secretary/Treasurer – Abby Ray Vance
-Reporter – Destiny Junious

-President – Jarvis Benson
-Vice President – Selena Trotter
Secretary/Treasurer – Ashley Kellum
-Reporter – Kayleen Fly

Congratulations to the winners of the GHS class officer elections!