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Stephanie Raper
In the Loop Editor

  Falconer Visits the Kidzeum

Falcon with owner and trainer Dr. Harvey Leslie

Students at Grenada Elementary School have been on an exploration through Asia and Africa in the current Kidzeum exhibit, "Celebrations Around the World".  This exhibit focuses on how other children who live on the largest and second largest continents on the Earth eat, dress, play games, go to school, speak in other languages, play music, live in different kinds of homes, and celebrate.  Beth Muselwhite, the Director of The Kidzeum emphasizes, "This exhibit is designed to help students learn similarities and differences of children in particular corners of the world." 

On their first visit to the exhibit, students were issued a passport which was stamped as they “traveled” through the different countries and activities in the exhibit.  While visiting the Far East, children experimented with chopsticks; created art using origami, the Japanese art of paper-folding; and learned to write Chinese characters using an ink pen and rice paper.  

Students also learned of an interesting, ancient tradition originating in another country during a recent visit from Dr. Harvey Leslie.    Leslie, a dentist and licensed falconer, visited the Kidzeum with his peregrine falcon named Azul to share the history of peregrine falcons and how to train them.  During the presentation, Azul was tethered and perched on Leslie’s arm.  She also wore a hood over her head to keep her calm.  Leslie explained that the hood is the most important piece of the falconer's equipment.  He also related how a bell attached to the falcon’s legs helps the falconer locate his or her falcon from a fair distance.  Leslie then explained how the peregrine falcon has been used to hunt in many countries, including Asia, one of the countries featured in the exhibit.  He demonstrated to the children how this type of peregrine falcon migrates south from Canada and Greenland.  Dr. Leslie has trained peregrine falcons for many years.  His interest in this pastime led him to request and gain a law that permits hunting with these smart birds in the state of Mississippi.  Anyone who is interested in flying these birds must seek out a state and federally licensed falconer to sponsor them through an apprenticeship period. Thanks to Dr. Leslie for this interesting and informative lesson!

When the Kidzeum exhibit nears its end, students will create and participate in their own celebration parade that incorporates the Chinese New Year, a Festival of Lanterns, and the Japanese Festival of Children’s Day.  A Vietnamese dancing dragon will make an appearance, and students will play authentic African instruments as part of the celebration. 

The Kidzeum is an important part of education at GES.  If you would like to learn more about this great resource, contact Beth Muselwhite, Kidzeum Director at 662-226-8900.

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