End of Year 2013

The light at the end of the tunnel is shining, and it’s getting brighter every day.  As the school year gradually slides to a close, teachers, administrators, and students breathe a sigh of relief that the burden of SATP testing is over.  Only exams and graduation stand between the Grenada School District and that magical event known as Summer Break.

Approximately 1065 Grenada High School students recently completed the state-mandated SATP exams.   Two hundred sixty-seven students endured the English II Multiple Choice exam, 249 took the Algebra I exam, 226 underwent the U.S. History exam, and finally, 323 took the Biology exam.  Other GSD schools also completed state-mandated testing.  If you have never heard about this phenomenon from someone involved or experienced it personally, you cannot imagine the stress involved.  Kudos to all the teachers and students involved at all the schools.

During testing week, students who scored Advanced or Proficient on last year’s tests were rewarded with a pizza and movie party in the GHS Auditorium during the hours of testing.  Each day, high scorers on different tests were recognized for their effort.

Seniors at GHS are ecstatic this week as their tenure at GHS culminates on Friday with that anticipated walk across the GHS Charger field.  Those seniors receiving diplomas will have met all the requirements set forth by the State of Mississippi and the Grenada School District.  Congratulations on a job well done; you have met a milestone in your life.  You are now ready to move forward to the next stage.  No longer will anyone harass you to get out of bed and go to school.  Those who move away to college will be responsible for their own schedules and work.  Those who go immediately to the work force will be held accountable for punctuality, regular attendance, and work ethic.  Some will flourish in this environment while others will have difficulty adjusting to self-discipline.  As you go out into the world, the teachers of GHS would like to  offer their best advice (actually we asked them to give the first advice that came to mind for graduating seniors – off the cuff, so to speak):

Angela Andrews -;Choose wisely your educational course of action.  Do it while you’re young, everything changes.

Mary Bailey -Wear your seatbelt and make smart decisions.

Rhonda Bailey -Get your education while you’re young.

Tonia Bailey-Don’t sweat the small stuff.

Janet Bain -Always follow where the Lord leads you.

Laura Barfield -Don’t take any opportunity for granted.  Make the most out of the opportunities you have to learn.

Chantel Chandler - Take your time and enjoy the ride because it goes quickly.

Casey Cockerell -Go to class when you’re in college.

Laigan Conley -Read before you go to class, so you will understand what is going on.

Sherry Cook -Stay in college as long as you can, because once you get out you’ll be working for the rest of your life.  Stay in college forever – seriously!

Janet Dees -Stay true to your heart.

Joy Fortenberry -Further your education.

Bonnie Fox-Shaw -Be happy with whatever job you choose.

Michael Freelon -Trust in the Lord.  Work hard.  Strive to accomplish YOUR goal, not not one someone else sets for you.

GHS Counselors-Be all you can be.”

Anne Hames-Choose a career that you’re happy with, that is financially stable, and that is needed in the work force.

Ron Hammond -Continue to learn and study hard so you can achieve your goals.

Amber Harrison -Take your first year of college seriously.

Melanie Hopper -Don’t choose your major too early in college.  You will probably change it a few times.

Matt Howell-Do what you love.  Doing something that you "think" is a better option only leads to regret later.

Sandra Howell -Dr. Seuss is by far my favorite children’s author.  So, when I read this quote, I thought – ‘What could be more perfect advice for a graduate?’ ‘You have brains in your head.  You have feet in your shoes.  You can steer yourself in any direction you choose.  You’re on your own.  And you know what you know.  You are the guy who’ll decide where to go.” – Dr. Seuss

Pam Jackson -Continue your education.”

Bonnie Keene -Never grow up, but be responsible and true to yourself.”

Chris King You may think the learning is over, but in reality, it has just begun.

Chris Klink -Be able to say the word ‘NO!

Ashley Kuhn -Develop a goal and a work ethic.  Don’t take anything for granted.  Give yourself many opportunities.

Elizabeth Landingham -Go to class.

Janie Logan -Find something you love to do and don’t mess it up.

Mary  Jo Mitchell -Strive to do your best when you go to college.

Drew Pitcock -Go to class.  Work now, play later

Kim Porter -That first year in college DOES count.  Don’t mess it up.

Blake Powell -Have fun at college.

Colin Ray -Never quit.  You have only failed when you fail to try.

Steven Robinson -Communication, Organization, Problem Solving

Barry Rogers-Further your education and seek a profession.

Jennifer Rounsaville -Take life seriously, because you don’t get many second chances.

Geneva Shaw -Do not goof off your first year of college – make it count!

Kelby Surrell -Have an idea of what you want to do so you won’t waste time when you could have been working.

Patricia Taylor -When you choose a profession, choose one you’ll love so you’ll enjoy it for the next 50 years.

Christina Wagner-Adapt to your situation… Get out of the situation… or… perish.

Charles Washington -Know the difference between success and successful living.

Sherry Wilder - Remember those who helped you along the way.  Remember to help others as you travel your path in life.

Cassandra Williams Stay encouraged.

Jerry Williams-Don’t look back.  No matter what has happened in the past, graduating high school starts a new chapter in your life.  Set your goals and stay focused on those goals.

Pam Winkler -Don’t be afraid to go after your dreams, because that’s what stops most people.”

Shann Worsham -Don’t take anything for granted.  Don’t sleep your life away

Seniors, as you take that final walk across the field, look around and notice the peers that have traveled this journey with you and the parents and family members that have helped you reach this point.  This is a moment to freeze in your memory.  You are no longer a child, but a young adult – ready to move forward in the world.  Congratulations on your accomplishment and good luck in all your future endeavors.  Remember, first impressions are everything.  Whatever someone sees in you at the beginning is how they will perceive you for a long time.  A bad impression is hard to erase; a good impression is also difficult to erase.  Which impression do you want to leave behind?   

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