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Stephanie Raper
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Student Elections 2017

While the Presidential election has caused quite a stir among adults lately, students at Grenada High School have been buzzing about their own elections. Classes recently cast their ballots to choose Who's Who, Class Favorites, Class Sweethearts, Class Officers, and Student Council Members. These elections require organization, tallying of votes, and cooperation of very busy English teachers to complete. In a school of over 1200 students, this process is no small feat.

Who's Who, Class Favorites and Class Sweethearts fall under the management of the GHS Annual Staff, but before voting begins, students must nominate classmates for each category. Nominations for Who's Who categories and Senior Class Favorites and Sweethearts take place in the senior English teachers' classrooms. Other grade levels nominate candidates for Class Sweethearts and Favorites in their respective English classes.

Class Officers and Student Council voting is managed by Mr. Ronald Hammond. Students who wish to run for office must fill out a qualifying sheet and obtain signatures from 15 classmates and 1 counselor.

Once nominations have been completed, ballots are developed. These names must be checked for eligibility by the counselors and the principal. Students must meet certain standards to be eligible for these important positions:
1. Students must have been enrolled in GSD for the entire second semester of the prior school year.
2. Students must have a 70 overall average in their academic classes.

Once a final list of nominees is comprised, an official ballot must be designed. Who's Who category votes are recorded on computer ballots which are tallied electronically. Class Favorites and Sweethearts are recorded and counted by hand due to the different class designations. Class Officer and Student Council ballots resemble hand-cast ballots in real elections where students must "x" beside the candidate of their choice. Once the votes are tallied, students are notified of the winners and picture day is scheduled.

Photographing this many different student combinations (some with multiple clothing changes) takes cool heads and good organization. Thanks to Torrance Photography for keeping a calm persona and a sense of humor during this hectic process!

Winners of the recent elections include:
• Mr. and Miss GHS – C.J. Avery, Anna Bradlie Blair
• Most Romantic – Brent Dalton, Taylor Garlington
• Most Likely to be Elected President – Bradford James, Consuela Johnson
• Most Spirited – Logan Pitcock, Tori Dubard
• Most Comedic – Tre Townes, Myeisha Robinson
• Most Likely to be a Movie Star – Bailey Muselwhite, Zakiriah Sizemore
• Most Artistic – Tahj Sledge, Rayanna Williams
• Most Intellectual – Kim Hou Kangheng, Anna Hayward
• Most Likely to be a Pro Athlete – Deon House, Consuela Johnson
• Most Likely to be a Professional Photographer – Petey Swearengen, Jada Bridges
• Most Fashionable – Gregory Clark, Leonna Conley
• Most Likely to Star in the Superbowl Halftime Show – Jastevan McClain, Anna Bradlie Blair
• Most Imaginative – Demarcus Archer, Zharia Black
• Senior Class Favorites – Tristan Anthony, Demarcus Archer, Anna Bradlie Blair, Tori Dubard
• Senior Class Sweethearts – Daija Coffey, Melissa West
• Senior Class Officers – Consuela Johnson, President; Leonna Conley, Vice-President; Morgan Green, Secretary/Treasurer; Miya Harris, Reporter
• Senior Student Council Members – Catherine Booth, Courtney Dees, Shunteunna Edmond, Javaris Hankins, Anna Hayward , Adriana Jones, Bradford James, Bailey Muselwhite (all class officers)
• Junior Class Favorites – Erin Hill, Deon House, Tripp McCrory, Ky'Nija Robinson
• Junior Class Sweethearts – Katelin Hayward, Danielle Robinson
• Junior Class Officers – Erin Hill, President; Destany Goldman, Vice-President; Desiree Golden, Secretary/Treasurer; Asia Williams, Reporter
• Junior Student Council Members –Lakeshia Harbin, Ky'Nija Robinson, Frederick Tidwell, Tyanna Williams (all class officers)
• Sophomore Class Favorites – Morgan Banks, Zack Braswell, Presley Caldwell, Jasper Williams
• Sophomore Class Sweethearts – Alissa Aldridge, Kayla Reece
• Sophomore Class Officers – Zachary Braswell, President; Anna Kuhn, Vice-President; Savannah Burnett, Secretary Treasurer; Brianna Shaw, Reporter
• Sophomore Student Council Members – Carnell Farmer, Destiny Gayden, Nylasia Randle Naomi Wise (all class officers)
• Freshman Class Favorites – Grayson Dale, Shaunna George, Trey Harlow, Braylee Shaw
• Freshman Class Sweethearts – Kyra Edwards, Haley Ferguson
• Freshman Class Officers/Student Council Members – Shaunna George, President; Madison Mallett, Vice-President