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Drumfit at GES Grades 4-5

Mississippians' movement toward a healthier lifestyle grows by leaps and bounds each day. Physical fitness is not just for athletes anymore. All ages, sizes, and types of people are embracing the trend to improve their health. Grenada Upper Elementary School, known as a leader among healthy schools, strives to help students set and meet personal fitness goals.

One of the ways GUES motivates its students to make better lifestyle choices is through engaging physical education classes. These classes range in activity level and diversity to keep students moving and inspired. A new class, DrumFIT, aligns perfectly with GUES's program to improve the fitness of its students. According to the DrumFIT website, the program began as a simple, fun way to impact lives both physically and mentally. DrumFIT's mission? "To Teach Students to LOVE Cardio Fitness for LIFE!"

The program combines music, dance, rhythm, and cross-curricular learning guaranteed to ramp up students' energy and activity levels. Students become so engrossed in the fast-paced, fun atmosphere of the program that they don't even realize they are developing important skills such as stability, locomotion, manipulation, coordination, body awareness, and spatial awareness. According to GUES Physical Education Instructor Amy Barham, the kids absolutely love DrumFIT.

The program includes a streaming video curriculum that reaches hundreds of thousands of students and educators in the United States and Canada each month. Students use a large exercise ball that sits on a stand and pair of drumsticks during each session. A large video screen in the GUES gym provides perfect viewing for students to follow along with the instructional music videos. Students use the ball and drumsticks as aids while performing the movement sequences demonstrated in the videos.

DrumFIT is just one of the innovative programs utilized at GUES in their quest to improve the overall health of its students. They physical education department at the school also recently implemented Frisbee Golf into its curriculum. They plan to use this new sport along with others to introduce students to different types of team sports. Hopefully, while trying out different sports, students will find their own perfect fit – a sport or hobby they can enjoy for a lifetime.